Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Life changes, moves, growth, death

I left this blog a few years ago when I had to go back to work and my life took a turn for the worse. We lost our home to foreclosure and ended up moving a few times. Fast forward a few years and you will find me older, hopefully wiser!! New job, new town... My kiddos are now 6 (soon to be 7) and 8 (9 in a few months) I quit my job and moved to open a thrift store benefiting public schools in my new town. I moved to help my sister open this store and at the same time be closer to my family who has lived here for many years. Ups and downs, good and bad. Life has a way of twisting and turning you all around and making you realize you have so much to learn still, and so much to experience. Our store opened early 2012, we are a success!! Donating $65,000 to 11 public schools in a year and a half. All was good... February 2013 started off normally, but by the end of the month I had lost my cousin to liver cancer, my father to a heart condition and my beloved cat Geegers to kidney cancer. Devastated was a word I never truly knew the meaning of. I now know. I know too well and I am still reeling. I hope to update this blog occasionally with more fun things. Thrift stores actually has some crazy characters! I am slowly recovering and trying to keep moving on with my life and enjoying what I have. Here is a picture of my kiddos now (if anyone even remembers this blog still) Please excuse my old school ways! I am not up on the new blog ways anymore!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Long time, no see

I am sorry I deserted everyone that followed my blog, it was a hard choice to make. I made the mistake of being too public with it and having too many people know about it in my personal life, people I was not sure I wanted to know. (no offense to my wonderful family!!) I like to remain annonomous so if I say too much, no-one who can beat me up in person, knows about it~!
I recently started blogging again on a very small scale. If anyone wants to see that blog and is still interested after all this time, drop me a line at:
I apologize for abandoning everyone.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Long time...no see!

Hello all. Sorry to have not been updating. I stopped due to some rather painful Carpel Tunnel issues. I was barely sleeping, let alone being able to write. I have a Dr.s appt in a week to test for it, altho the Dr. is sure I do.
I also was dealing with swollen hands, legs...you name it! Marshmallow girl!!!
I am now on high blood pressure meds and surpringly, my hands have started to get back to normal. So although I still have issues, it is bearable.

I miss my bloggy friends, hope you all are well! Be catching up more soon.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ecostore $25.000 Gift Cert winner!

Congrats to CCakaJapan #25
I have e-mailed you!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Be back soon

Sorry to be such a bad blogger. I have been a tad bit depressed and anxious lately and just this week my Carpal Tunnel (or whatever it is) is acting up, my hands get tingly and numb and I cant type too long without having to shake my hands out. I am hoping a week or so of taking it easy will get me back into shape. Please excuse my many absences lately. I will announce the ecostore winner tomorrow~

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Whose fault is it?

The US mails... always. and mine of course.
US Post Mail Pictures, Images and Photos

Chase pisses me off. They took over Washington Mutual whom I have a credit card with. Payment is always due on the 16th of the month. So, I log in and Lo and Behold!!! Its now the 13th! I pay and it processes on the 15th and I am charged a late fee of $39.00. Picture me upset.
Wolverine Pictures, Images and Photos

Well, perhaps not that upset, but you can thank me now for the gratuitous Hugh Jackman picture. Yummy!!!

Moving on... I call, I explain it was not on my on-line statement that it would change and I am told that a Change in terms was mailed to me In January and it was not their fault but it was the "US mails" fault so I still have to pay. So I tell them I did not receive this notice, so why it it now not the US mails fault, but mine? Why can they use that excuse but not me? My answer:

dead silence Pictures, Images and Photos

Well, it was Silence...not this creepy guy...but you get the point.

So I now wrote to the company and I am hoping for a better outcome. I guess they would rather lose my business (I also have a bank account) rather than refund me $39.00
They sound like a bunch of

Y! Loser Pictures, Images and Photos

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

The first cousins at Easter...I am large and in center! LOL