Saturday, August 30, 2008

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Gone to the mountains with family for the weekend!
Will post pictures when I return. Happy Labor Day!!!
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Have a great weekend! Stay safe if you are in the path of a hurricane.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Gay Marriage/Civil Unions Why do we (Heterosexual) Care?

Why do we care? Ive never understood why we worry so much about gay marriage. Why do religious institutions have such an issue with this, if its a "sin" why not let the sinners deal with the consequences, and concentrate on our own marriages? Hetero people seem to be in enough trouble in the marriage Dept without borrowing more. Even Gay unions are frowned upon, at least in calling it "civil unions" you would hope the religious sector would not be as offended. But that does not seem to be the case.

I admit, I am an Agnostic person, I grew up in the Catholic church. We never did go regularly, but we were Catholic. But I am still coming at this from a non-religious person's POV. I just fail to see why the institute of marriage is being threatened by gays marrying. I do not feel my marriage is threatened in any way. Traditional marriage seems to be stronger than ever, people marry often....and divorce often. That was a trend long before gays and lesbians decided they wanted the privilege of pledging their lives to each other. If marriage is in jeopardy, its because people marry too quickly and hope to change the other person. think of it in a non religious way seems to represent this:
1. A desire to live with and love with and honor that one person with whom you share a bond of love and respect.
2. Wanting to be bound together for life, and perhaps an afterlife if there is one.
3. Wanting to dedicate our lives to each other, children or not. Building a life together, having hope and being optimistic that we are meant to be together forever... we will not be a statistic of divorce.
4. Simply loving another person and being willing to be their partner "until death do we part" for sickness and in health...
Why is this a threat?

I am not knocking religion, I am not religious, I do not believe as most do. Most religious people I know seem to be kind people. I don't see their marriages lasting any longer, or them seeming happier than the non religious people I meet, but I cannot see behind closed doors, so they may just be, who knows? I doubt it though. Most people gay or straight are not happy with themselves, their bodies, their income or their house.

I am all for gay marriage. I don't have the heart to deny someone else the rights that I enjoy. I am still allowed to get married and I don't believe in God. I think if someone wants to dedicate themselves to another, more power to them. Love is just as strong for gays as it is for straights. Love cannot be measured. Life is meant to be lived together...not in a society that seeks to keep people apart because they do not fit in with the majority of its inhabitants. The Majority may rule, but the majority is not always right. I know many will not agree with me and that is fine, I live only my life, these are my thoughts and I believe (as we all do) that I am right.

If anyone has valid concerns about gay marriage threatening man/woman marriage it would be interesting to hear them. I wish I knew why the other side thinks like they do, why they are so afraid. Understanding brings with it tolerance. And I don't mean the crazy ones like "If gays marry then all sorts of crazy things will happen like people wanting to marry their pets" or that "marriage is for the purpose of pro-creating"

Personally I like this quote: "The voice of the majority is no proof of justice."
Author: Johann Von Schiller

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wordless (almost) Wednesday

This is where we are headed this weekend, the Sierra Mountains.

Monday, August 25, 2008

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday Sonnets... Poetry Sunday

I have decided to make Sunday a showcase for my favorite poets and their poetry. I am an amateur poet myself (and nothing to brag about) and I have always loved poetry. This poet Sara Teasdale I discovered one day while browsing the library one summer for something new. I connected to her poetry right away and spent many hours and days reading and re-reading her beautiful verses. You can find many of her poems here:
Sara's Poems

Here is one for your enjoyment:

Dooryard Roses

I have come the selfsame path
To the selfsame door,
Years have left the roses there
Burning as before

While I watch them in the wind
Quick the hot tears start--
Strange so frail a flame outlasts
Fire in the heart.

Sara Teasdale

Friday, August 22, 2008

Pet Peeves... we all have them

I have many pet peeves... here are a few. Sorry, I know this is a bit bitchy.

1. Rudeness. What do people get out of being rude? Are people so self-absorbed that they cant see you behind them at a door, and hold it for you. Or say "Thank you" two little words that are very important. Personally, I think rudeness is inexcusable. Its free, its easy and it makes people smile when you have manners... its a win win.

2. People who will never admit a fault, will never admit they are wrong. It sucks to do so, its embarrassing, but we all make mistakes and only a fool will never admit or learn from them.

3. People who " hate" based on assumptions. They think a person is this way, or did something "immoral" so they hate them. Celebrities seem to be hated a lot without due cause.

4. People will probably get mad at me for these next two... People who decorate nurseries in typical mass marketed "boy stuff" Sports (UGH) Esp Baseball (UGH) or professional sports teams gear... UGH UGH UGH

5. People who name their kids "Unique" names so they don't have names like everyone else. First of all these "unique" names of today will be the commonplace names of tomorrow. I don't think we need anymore "Jubilee's" "Jayden's" "Kayden's" and "Hayden's" and all the rest. and please... don't try to spell common names so that only you know what they are. and I apologize in advance if you have children by these names. This is my list of pet peeves...please don't take it personal.

6. Women who complain about what jerks their hubby's are and then when you call them on it, suddenly they are great husbands and fathers after all! You are only fooling yourself. You and your kids deserve better. And please, don't try to make me seem like a liar because I do have a wonderful hubby that I honestly rarely ever argue with. I am lucky, and I know it. I waited until I was almost 35 to get married because I didn't settle for someone who I knew wouldn't treat me and my children as we deserve to be treated. I had many lonely nights. I wish women would stand up for themselves.

7. People who worry about germs. Germs are everywhere, they wont kill you (most of the time) and shielding your child from all germs is just going to keep their immune system from becoming stronger.

8. People who force their views on others. Ive had people try to argue why I should believe in God, or tell me there is no possible way to explain things without God being involved. I think there is, I don't feel the need to bash you on the head with my thoughts, so please don't try to make me feel stupid for thinking something different.

9. Men who snore on the couch when I am trying to concentrate on my blog... enough said! LOL

10. Cruelty to animals. Anyone who hurts an animal without reason is someone I cannot respect. Its just me, I have a blind spot perhaps when it comes to animals... Its the thing that keeps me up at night and makes me cry at odd times. I care too much I think. It makes my heart hurt.

Those are my pet peeves. If I offended anyone I am sorry... Sometimes you have to get things out in order to let them go.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I am proud to be an Italian American

I bet some people are going to find this to be Un-American. It isn't. I was born here in America, I love my country and I am aware of what freedoms I enjoy here. I appreciate that. But I am also proud of where my family came from. I am not an American Indian, so it stands to reason this is not my only "nationality" My family came from Italy mainly. My dad's grandparents came from a small town called Balangero near Turin. My Grandmothers parents fell in love and moved to the USA where they landed in Utah, Bingham County. They owned a store for miners. After her father passed away due to Influenza, they moved to the Gilroy/San Martin area where they had family. They lived there, in the same house ever since. They farmed many crops.. prunes, apricots, tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers...

My Grandfathers family came from Torre Del Lago I do not know as much about them. I know my grandfathers mother was an opera singer and a strong, large, happy woman.
My Mothers family came from England, Denmark and Italy. They remain more of a mystery.

So, yes, I am American as you get. I love my freedoms, I love that I can vote, make my own decisions, I can protest the war and not get thrown into jail. I do not display the American flag, its not my style. I do respect what it represents to America. I would never even think to fly the flag of Italy before I would the American flag... I know people who do that, and personally *I* find it to be a bit insulting.

But yet I am proud to call Italy the place of my people... the beginning of my family, and I want my children's eyes to see that land of beauty. I want their eyes to look upon its glorious vista and see the same things relatives from many generations ago looked upon and loved. The same things I have looked upon in amazement and awe. To see the church where your great-great grandparents married is something so special, so unique. To see gravestones from 300 years ago with your last name makes you wonder who they were and who they loved and hated and what they wanted out of life. It makes me wonder if someone had my son's almost Asian eyes, or if they all had our dimpled chin. It makes you love your family even more than you did before.

Americans are strong, generous, opinionated, friendly, and hard working people. We strive to be the best we can be, we have a desire to help others and the means to do so. We are unique, we are truly a melting pot with so many cultures represented on our shores.

Italians are warm, passionate and emotional people. Food is an art form and a rich part of everyday life. I try to bring the best of what America represents and the Italian zest and love for life to my life. I try not to work all the time as we seem to do... I try to take that relaxed, pleasure loving feeling that Italians seem to have mastered and make it a part of my life here, in America.

So, in essence that is why I am proud to be an American...and Italian American. I want the best of both worlds, and I am an American. I will get what I want. I am an Italian... I will take what I want out of life and merge the two.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Is the love of money the root of all evil?

I liked the title... but I want to know, why are we and the world so obsessed and envious of money? Why do we revere money? Why do we talk about people with money in that special tone? You know, kinda hushed, a bit wryly and a tad envious. I work for a financial planner... he deals with money all the time. He deals with the people who have money... the snobs, the arrogant, the lucky ones who inherited. Mixed in these clients are some truly nice and kind people. But more often than not I see they all have one (well two counting loads of money) thing in common, and that is this attitude that they are better than you (or I, or my boss or the cool UPS guy) ( I think I must see more snobs than the average person because of where I work, I know there are many kind well off people out there)

They are not better. They live and breathe the same as we do. But I think the way we as a people treat people with money gives them almost a right to behave the way they do. We worship money and the people who have it...never thinking if it were all it were cracked up to be than maybe these people would be happier and kinder and do good things with what they were blessed with.

I would love to have the things that money could buy me...stability, a lovely home, security...but not at the expense of my soul. How could I be truly happy loving money and things more than I love myself and the people I live with? How could I be happy being so empty inside that I had to fill myself up with more clothes, jewels, cars?

I know that will never be the life for me, I will never live a life like that. Firstly, I will never be rich, I do not have the drive to make money... I enjoy having free time, being lazy, playing with my kids on a lazy afternoon... I love that too much to be a work a holic. I applaud all the people who have made their way in this world, made a difference and not let money make them into unsympathetic, unkind people, who care little for others or for the world they live in.

I want my children to be in friends,rich in family, rich in animal companionship, rich in good foods, and rich in love. If they are rich in these, the most important things in life, then money cannot corrupt or control them.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Why do people want to bash you behind your back in the blogging world?

I think in real life too. Its kinda sad and kinda pathetic at the same time. This post Real men inspired controversy with someone who in turn instead of letting ME know via a comment that she felt I was wrong, she blogged about it and basically bashed me without my being able to defend myself, or my words. We all know on the Internet, things are not always as they seem...words get misconstrued, feelings cannot be gauged by another... so to just blog about my post and not give me the benefit of the doubt seems almost cowardly to me. Actually, I did mean what I said with the exception of alluding to that those types of men are losers. I know they are not, hunting is just a huge deal for me and I am too much of an animal lover to ever consider hunting for nothing but fun and pleasure (excluding food, shelter ect) to be anything but barbaric. That is truly JMHO, I cannot reconcile it in *my* head. I can not look a man in the eyes who looked an animal in the eyes and killed them and ENJOYED it. That's just me. But hey... that person did not give me the chance to elaborate explain or even apologize (as if...LOL) I have many friends who's hubby's hunt so I know I may piss them off with my attitude, but in the spirit of friendship or even making new friends...most tend to ask first and attack later!!! But LOL to the person who did blog about me. I kinda got a kick out of it, I felt important LOL !!! YAY

Me time or ME ME time! We all need it

Moms will hear me on this I am sure. Me time... we all need it. Life isnt or shouldn't be all about the kids and husband (In my honest opinion) Mothers, and women in general need alone time, me time, friend time, away time, internet time... whatever you call it. Don't get me wrong, I love my kids and husband, but I feel a loss in spirit when I do not get some moments to myself every now and then.

Do you think your life should always be about being a mom and wife? Never be about yourself? Because it is not selfish to think of yourself, your feelings, needs and wants. It would be a disservice to yourself and your family to never think of your own needs. There is only so many messy hands, poopie nappies and husbands ego's we can stroke before our own weary mind screams for a respite. Am I selfish?

I just could never give up my own being, my own essence if I may be so dramatic, to be only my kids mom and a wife. I think those things are two of the most important things in the world to me, but they are not ALL of me, and they never will be. Perhaps I am not self sacrificing enough, I dont know. I just know that I am not as happy when I am not doing something just for me. Whether it be reading a Harry Potter or Julia Quinn book, or making soaps, being on my forum, talking to my friends, or going to Renaisance faires.

I think that my family beneits from this actually. I come back from my mini vacation feeling refreshed, less stressed, having more patience and eager to see my children and my hubby and hear of how thier day went. Even a few hours alone reading a book makes me feel so much more at peace and less harried and hassled. Being a working mom of two boys under 4 (and having a very sweet, and a bit clingy hubby) exhausts me. My (hopefully) quick forays into Regency England, Hogwarts or my Soap factory makes Mimi a better wife and mom.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Boys playing with dolls... GAY ALERT??? SISSY ALERT???

Did that get your attention? I don't think boys playing with traditional girl toys will make them "turn gay" I think that is ignorance on some people's parts. Men seem to be the main people who I have known to really believe this, women tend to just want their children to play with things that will keep them interested and hopefully learning something. It always amazes me that anyone would think that could really happen.

What is it about boys playing with traditional girls toys that makes people freak out? Makes people fear a gay or more feminized son? IMHO (its not going to be everyone's) based on the many, many gay and lesbian people I have known (I live in Cali, I worked at a restaurant in a major Dept. store "Nordstrom" for 7 years... I knew dozens of gay/lesbians) My opinion is that gay people are simply born that way. Playing with a doll is not going to make them want to be married to boys. I feel this way mainly because I asked my gay friends if they "chose" to be gay. I am curious, I am nosy and I seek to learn about my friends and how they feel, and what makes them tick, because I want to understand them better and I want to learn about my fellow human beings.

Boys playing with traditional girls toys are not going to become sissy's, or be less aggressive than the typical boy...Why does no-one worry that a girl playing with trucks and cars will be a lesbian? I firmly believe it is just a child's make up, and temperament that makes them milder or wilder! LOL I know, I have two boys and they are as different as night and day and they both go to a daycare that has mostly girls. They play Barbie, My little pony, they wheel baby dolls and carry purses! Jack is a mild boy who likes to read and wants to be a Princess one day and a Monster the next. Max is all wild boy, jumping off couches without worrying about falling, riding his trike, playing with cars... One thing they both have in common is their love of animals (esp cats) and mommy of course!!

I let and encourage my boys to play with "girl toys", I will teach them to cook, clean and do laundry. I will encourage them to tell me their feelings, to not be afraid to cry if they have to (Not in school... who would want to get beat up by mean bully boys) so that when they grow up (NO NO NO) hopefully they will marry a lovely woman and they will be an equal partner and share the burden of chores and help with the baby. If one of my boys is gay, I will not berate myself because I will be convinced (and no-one can change my mind on this) this is how they were born. I will be proud that they did not seek to hide who they really are, I will support them and I will be proud that they are my son.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Keeping up with the Jones... Why do we do it?

Well, let me put this out there, I do not do it, I cannot afford to do it, and Ive learned its fruitless to attempt to. First of all, having enough money for your needs makes for an easier life. Having food, shelter, clothing and not worrying is a great thing! But having or trying to keep up with others is exhausting, unnecessary and not worth the time, effort and debt.

Why do we feel the need to have "stuff" and why do we want the same stuff that everyone else has? Once I got out of my early years I never understood it. Does having the same giant car, the same cookie cutter house, the same designer clothes, the same rail thin emaciated body as your neighbor make you just as happy? Just as rich? Just as content as they are? Because I bet that they are just as miserable as the rest of us, poor and rich alike.

Things do not make us happy, if they did there would be less celebrities OD'ing, drinking, drugging and doing other bad things. What makes you happy isn't even having a great husband, adorable kids and a job you don't mind going to (although it sure doesn't hurt!) its what is inside all of us. Once you accept life and what it has to offer you, and teach you, and test you with... you can never be truly happy. At least that's what I have learned in my life. Accepting what you have, appreciating it and striving to be a better person, a better mom/sister/friend/ is what life is all about.

Learning about ourselves and others... Art, books, food, sunsets, children laughing, watching our pets scamper about, laughing with a friend, keeping a secret, traveling to a different place and trying to understand its people, making mistakes and not repeating but learning from them, loving our spouse, not giving ourselves up for them, being a family and forgiving others... there are so many more things that make a rich, successful and fulfilling life. These are just the ones that are important to me.

Money is simply a means to an end. If you live your life keeping up with others and trying to emulate "rich folks" then you will end up with a fat bank account perhaps, but an empty and bereft soul.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

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Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I care too much, or living with an addictive personality

Why am I the way I am? Why are us addictive personality types this way? I obsess, I stew, I ponder, I spend hours and hours thinking and dreaming and tossing and turning over my obsessions. Whether it is this

or this:

And even this!!!

I wonder why I am this way... I do it with food, clothes, celebrities...I think I want to lose myself, my worries, my fears for awhile, so I focus on inconsequential things. Lately its been this blog!

I wish in a way I did not worry so much, care so much...but I do. I wonder what its like to be able to leave things behind, be what everyone wants me to be...I wonder what its like to not crave everything. I feel like there is so much to me, I get lost in it sometimes...

But then I see passionless people, people who care only for bigger cars, being thin, and what money can buy them and I realize that with all my flaws, I am most likely a happier, more well adjusted person than I think I am. Or so I hope...
Sorry, I am a bit down today, I think I need a new obsession!!! LOL

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Real men??? If this is it, then I dont want one!

Someone on my forum posted this awhile ago... Apparently its a country song! Check it out:

When you see a deer you see Bambi,and I see antlers up on the wall.When you see a lake you think picnics,and I see a large mouth up under that log.

You're probably thinkin that you're gonna change me.In some ways well maybe you might.Scrub me
down,dress me up,oh but no matter what, remember I'm still a guy.

When you see a pricless French painting,I see a drunk naked girl.You think that riding a wild bull saounds crazy,and I'd
like to give it a whirl.Well love makes a man do some things he ain't proud of and in weak moment I might,walk your sissy dog,hold your purse at the mall, but remember I'm still a guy.

I'll pour out my heart,hold your hand in the car,write a love song that makes you cry.Then turn right around knock some jerk to the ground 'cause he caught the feel as you walk by.

I can hear you now talkin to your friends,sayin,"Yeah girls he's come a long way from draggin his knuckles and carryin a
club and buildin a fire in a cave." But when you say a back rub means only a back rub and you swat my hand when I try.Well,at the end of the day all I can say is,"Honey,I'm still a guy."

These days there's dudes gettin facials,manicured,waxed,and botuxed.With deep spray-on tans and creamy lotiony hands,you can't grip a tackle box.

Yeah,with all of these men linein up to get nuetured.It's hip now to be feminized.I don't highlight my hair.I've still got a
pair.Yeah,honey I'm still a guy.

Oh,my eyebrows ain't plucked there's a gun in my truck. Oh,thank god,I'm still a guy

OK, this makes me laugh and cringe at the same time! I know its just a song, not meant to be taken siriusly... but this describes a man I would never want to have. I would rather be celibate for life!
First of all... no hunting. I would not allow, nor continue to see a man I was Sirius about to be a hunter. For me, I just don't get the whole idea of it being "fun". That's BS IMHO. Its barbaric and cruel. If you live off the land, so to speak... I get that. I don't get that its a sport (it isn't) no-one should IMHO find it fun.

My boss gets his hair cut, dyed and styled...he is still a man... my husband has deep feelings, he is still a man. My husband spends more time getting ready than me... he is still a man. He is a man who doesn't treat me like dirt, who respects me, who doesn't take off with his "friends" until all hours of the morning with no call, he is a man who loves his children and does just as much as mommy does with them and for them, he is a man... Yes, he has held my purse and didn't like it... but he is the nicest, most honest and upstanding man I know.

So wives and girlfriends of "The Other Real Men" stand up and be proud!!! Real men come in all shapes and sizes and all walks of life.

To me a real man is a man who loves and respects his wife and family, does all he can to care for and protect them... and doesn't do things that other so-called "real men" do... just because it is expected!

If he ever reads this... I love my real man... I love you Bradd.

Friday, August 8, 2008


Cindy AKA windycindy!!!
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I am still figuring out how to post things, but rest assured. Cindy won~

I plan on making more soaps and having more contests in the future~

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I love my cats

My cats were my first babies... they are now my oldest babies and I still love them more than I can express. Here is GiGi... my special, sweet and crazy boy!

I am always surprised and frankly disappointed in people who as soon as they have children (of the human variety...ssshhhhh don't let my cats hear me say they are not human LOL) and then they drop their feline babies like a hot potato... all because the cat wants to have some attention, or he OMG... he is DIRTY AND HAIRY... what did we expect? Babies are not so fragile that a little cat hair is going to hurt them... at least it never hurt my sister and I as well as our own very healthy children. Cats are one of the few pleasures in life that don't make you fat, drunk, or irresponsible! They are cuddly balls of fur that make you feel better, even when they knock over your favorite vase... or scratch your couch... or wake you up at 4 AM wanting to be pet... or cry incessantly for food... WAIT... did I say they were worth it?????????
YES! I did, and they are. They are comforting, they love you despite the fact that you are inferior to them and when they cuddle next to you... oh...the cuddles... it makes you feel like the luckiest human in the whole world.

So yes, I have two beautiful human children, I love them with all my heart and my soul... but my 3 feline children are also important to me. Barring my children being deathly allergic to them, I would never ever abandon them. I chose to be their mother and I take that responsibility siriusly. The benefits to having them far outweigh the drawbacks... same as with my human children... and I would never give them away either!

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Breast Feeding and Formula Feeding... Why so heated?

Well, answer me why? I wish I knew. I am an advocate for Formula of course I am going to blog about my experiences from this POV. I never wanted to BF (this will stand for Breastfeeding and FF for Formula feeding) tried 2 times with my first born (due to pressure) and decided to FF. I KNEW this was right for me, I didn't get to the ripe old age of 36 not knowing what I wanted to do, or what would work for myself and my hubby. I am a decisive person, usually not easily influenced by anyone... but the pressure is so heavy towards BF, that I caved. I felt hounded, resentful and I felt like I was being judged... because I was. I got looks, I got comments when I bought formula... the lack of manners and kindness was appalling. I was a new mother, struggling with PPD (and didn't realize it) no sleep, and the uncertainty of having a new baby was overwhelming, even though I have the most helpful and accommodating husband around. I felt bad enough without other mothers putting me and my choices down.

Lets face it, there are SOME BF mothers that give off and have this attitude that they are better mothers for having BF. (I am aware of a BF forum that has bashed FF moms and said "No matter what those FF moms say, they are not bonded to their babies like WE are" Um... excuse my language but that's Bull Shit. How would they know how other moms bond? How can they be inside the heart and soul of FF mothers (or any other mothers for that matter) and "know" this is true. Its sad, and immature. I love my children with an intensity and love that I never dreamed of feeling... how could anyone feel "more" love. Its simply ridiculous. And yes, Ive heard all the benefits of BF (although the immunity thing, and baby being less sick I never understood... my babies were rarely ill, and all the while I saw many BF women's babies get illness after illness... I came to the conclusion that we are just pre-disposed to getting sick more than others), and I made an educated desision about it, and I did what was right for myself, my family and my baby.

I also find it sad that women who cannot BF, or had a hard time with BF, feel the need to explain their choices, to explain why they couldn't or didn't BF, its like you have to have a good excuse or the extreme advocates will tell you why you should have tried harder and why you made the wrong choice and why you needed to work it through... as mothers lets STOP defending every choice we make... as long as we don't hurt our babies (and no matter how many studies that are made none have shown a baby will perish or be an imbecile because of FF) Lets just be happy and be strong in our convictions and stop wanting or needing the approval of others to do what we feel is right for us.

Of course many BF and FF mothers do not bash the other side, but the ones that do are contributing to making the gap between the two sides so much wider. Out the window the compassion, the understanding, the kindness be replaced with superiority, smirks, and judgement.

I know many, many BF advocates... they are kind, decent women. This post is about the ones who are not. And maybe, just maybe some of the other BF women will realize how WE are judged, how we are treated unkindly and maybe, just maybe mothers, all mother BF, FF or whatever... will start worrying about their own choices and stop worrying about someone elses and the choices they made for themselves and their family.

This is not meant to bash, this is meant to show how we FF are treated... you hear so much about BF mothers, how they are treated, how they are discriminated against, and I think its wrong... but here is another side of the story, and here is what many mothers may feel, but are too afraid to say. Because FF moms have the same issues, we face discrimination, censure and unkindness as well. Just because we don't talk about it, doesn't mean it doesn't happen. I wish it would stop from both sides... how can we as a nation, a world get along if we continually refuse to see or tolerate anothers POV or choices?

Sunday, August 3, 2008

My first ever contest/giveaway .. Two Handmade Soaps by Mimi... Sonnets for Soaps

This is my first giveaway. These two soaps are handmade and come in an organza bag. They are made with premium Goats milk and Glycerin. The scents I chose are Apricot Freesia and Carnation. I use high quality supplies and have many satisfied customers. I specialize in lovely and refreshing scents. I enjoy making soaps and I make them in my spare time and for many of my forum friends! If you want to win these here are the rules:

Post your comments via this post.
For one entry: Write a small 2-4 line sonnet (poem) does not need to be perfect, just a little ditty!
OR you can: Mention me in a blog of yours and add my link! You have to comment with the link to your blog mentioning mine in this post!
If you do both, you get 2 entries.
Winner will be picked randomly, and will be announced via this blog. CONTEST ENDS 08-08-08 at 12:00 PST

Thats it! I hope you come for the contest and come back for the blog... if not, thanks for taking the time to enter.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Telephone etiquette and manners...not necessary?

First of all, I think it is necessary, and should be mandatory, especially if you are a professional, calling another professional. I could have 10 sets of fingers AND toes and not have enough to count on them how many times I am interrupted when I am answering the phone and announcing my business. I do not go on and on and on... I simply say "Good Morning (fake name) Smith and associates, this is Michelle, how may I help you?" Siriusly, how long does that take? 5 seconds? But people feel the need to interrupt me and not even with an excuse me, just "John please" Maybe I am too strict about things like this, but it annoys me to no end and it makes me want to not do business with your company. I see this in some of the sales people who work with my boss (Certified Financial Planner) they are extremely nice, polite, and helpful to him...but its how they treat the peons (me...LOL) that shows me what type of a person they are and if their business is worth investing in. Good thing for me is my boss listens to his peons and will take rudeness to staff as a consideration on doing business with that person/company.
Sorry any loyal readers I may have to bore you with this...its a pet peeve of mine and I feel better getting it off my chest... now back to work for me!