Friday, August 1, 2008

Telephone etiquette and manners...not necessary?

First of all, I think it is necessary, and should be mandatory, especially if you are a professional, calling another professional. I could have 10 sets of fingers AND toes and not have enough to count on them how many times I am interrupted when I am answering the phone and announcing my business. I do not go on and on and on... I simply say "Good Morning (fake name) Smith and associates, this is Michelle, how may I help you?" Siriusly, how long does that take? 5 seconds? But people feel the need to interrupt me and not even with an excuse me, just "John please" Maybe I am too strict about things like this, but it annoys me to no end and it makes me want to not do business with your company. I see this in some of the sales people who work with my boss (Certified Financial Planner) they are extremely nice, polite, and helpful to him...but its how they treat the peons (me...LOL) that shows me what type of a person they are and if their business is worth investing in. Good thing for me is my boss listens to his peons and will take rudeness to staff as a consideration on doing business with that person/company.
Sorry any loyal readers I may have to bore you with this...its a pet peeve of mine and I feel better getting it off my chest... now back to work for me!


R.L.Scovens said...

Now that would upset me too! I used to work Customer Service in a call center and I used to get that too! In my case, how are you gonna interupt me and then I'm the same one who is supposed to help you?

ps. one of the many reasons I no longer work in customer service!

mmj100179 said...

Absolutely agree with you!!

Senart Family said...

Ugh! That happened to me today more than once! I would answer the call with something like, THank you for calling how may I help you? and then they would be in the middle of a conversation or tell me to hang on! called me! I'm being timed here buddy...what do you need? haha

Very frustrating

Jess said...

Wanted to congratulate u on your Starbucks GC from Leah. YAY!!

Andrea said...

Uh yeah, that is just plain rude. People are losing all sense of decency as time goes, it is scary.