Thursday, August 7, 2008

I love my cats

My cats were my first babies... they are now my oldest babies and I still love them more than I can express. Here is GiGi... my special, sweet and crazy boy!

I am always surprised and frankly disappointed in people who as soon as they have children (of the human variety...ssshhhhh don't let my cats hear me say they are not human LOL) and then they drop their feline babies like a hot potato... all because the cat wants to have some attention, or he OMG... he is DIRTY AND HAIRY... what did we expect? Babies are not so fragile that a little cat hair is going to hurt them... at least it never hurt my sister and I as well as our own very healthy children. Cats are one of the few pleasures in life that don't make you fat, drunk, or irresponsible! They are cuddly balls of fur that make you feel better, even when they knock over your favorite vase... or scratch your couch... or wake you up at 4 AM wanting to be pet... or cry incessantly for food... WAIT... did I say they were worth it?????????
YES! I did, and they are. They are comforting, they love you despite the fact that you are inferior to them and when they cuddle next to you... oh...the cuddles... it makes you feel like the luckiest human in the whole world.

So yes, I have two beautiful human children, I love them with all my heart and my soul... but my 3 feline children are also important to me. Barring my children being deathly allergic to them, I would never ever abandon them. I chose to be their mother and I take that responsibility siriusly. The benefits to having them far outweigh the drawbacks... same as with my human children... and I would never give them away either!

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Andrea said...

Awe, that is a precious kitty picture! I really loved my old cat, Annie, she was awesome and sweet. Then we tried to get another one, but honestly it was wild, it should have been living in a cave like a puma or something. I always hope someone else adopted them and they made the perfect match.

~Gabby Chick~ said...

i love your kitties, too! they look like mine!! haha


Laura said...

Love the kitty pic!!

Tam said...

We have four Cats before we had our children. We still have our four furbabies! The children and cats all adapted ver well.