Thursday, August 28, 2008

Gay Marriage/Civil Unions Why do we (Heterosexual) Care?

Why do we care? Ive never understood why we worry so much about gay marriage. Why do religious institutions have such an issue with this, if its a "sin" why not let the sinners deal with the consequences, and concentrate on our own marriages? Hetero people seem to be in enough trouble in the marriage Dept without borrowing more. Even Gay unions are frowned upon, at least in calling it "civil unions" you would hope the religious sector would not be as offended. But that does not seem to be the case.

I admit, I am an Agnostic person, I grew up in the Catholic church. We never did go regularly, but we were Catholic. But I am still coming at this from a non-religious person's POV. I just fail to see why the institute of marriage is being threatened by gays marrying. I do not feel my marriage is threatened in any way. Traditional marriage seems to be stronger than ever, people marry often....and divorce often. That was a trend long before gays and lesbians decided they wanted the privilege of pledging their lives to each other. If marriage is in jeopardy, its because people marry too quickly and hope to change the other person. think of it in a non religious way seems to represent this:
1. A desire to live with and love with and honor that one person with whom you share a bond of love and respect.
2. Wanting to be bound together for life, and perhaps an afterlife if there is one.
3. Wanting to dedicate our lives to each other, children or not. Building a life together, having hope and being optimistic that we are meant to be together forever... we will not be a statistic of divorce.
4. Simply loving another person and being willing to be their partner "until death do we part" for sickness and in health...
Why is this a threat?

I am not knocking religion, I am not religious, I do not believe as most do. Most religious people I know seem to be kind people. I don't see their marriages lasting any longer, or them seeming happier than the non religious people I meet, but I cannot see behind closed doors, so they may just be, who knows? I doubt it though. Most people gay or straight are not happy with themselves, their bodies, their income or their house.

I am all for gay marriage. I don't have the heart to deny someone else the rights that I enjoy. I am still allowed to get married and I don't believe in God. I think if someone wants to dedicate themselves to another, more power to them. Love is just as strong for gays as it is for straights. Love cannot be measured. Life is meant to be lived together...not in a society that seeks to keep people apart because they do not fit in with the majority of its inhabitants. The Majority may rule, but the majority is not always right. I know many will not agree with me and that is fine, I live only my life, these are my thoughts and I believe (as we all do) that I am right.

If anyone has valid concerns about gay marriage threatening man/woman marriage it would be interesting to hear them. I wish I knew why the other side thinks like they do, why they are so afraid. Understanding brings with it tolerance. And I don't mean the crazy ones like "If gays marry then all sorts of crazy things will happen like people wanting to marry their pets" or that "marriage is for the purpose of pro-creating"

Personally I like this quote: "The voice of the majority is no proof of justice."
Author: Johann Von Schiller


Simply AnonyMom said...

I say a marriage is a marriage is a marriage. What does it matter as long as oth people are that...PEOPLE. THe only marriage I am opposed to is people marrying their animals or their cars (which people try to do each year).

I also was raised in a very religious family and I find myself more agnostic each day. I do not see how such "Godly" people are the ones jusding the harshest (usually).

I was saddened yesterday to read that Del Martin, a lesbian activist, died yesterday just weeks afer marrying her partner of 57 years.

Anonymous said...

Honestly I have no problem with gay marriages what I take issue to and I'm sure I'll grow out of it I'm just slow to accept change is them using the term marriage. Somehow I think that term should be reserved for heterosexual unions. Don't ask my why though. I have no idea.

Andrea said...

I personally do not have an issue with gay marriage. However, I can somewhat understand those who do. They believe marriage is a union created by God and according to God it should be a man and a woman. I have faith and believe in God, but I also live in a world where it seems impossible to do everything the way the Bible says.

Lisa~Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

If two people are in love and take their commitment seriously*, they should marry, regardless of gender.

*I feel very strongly that people jump into marriage today without taking the commitment seriously, hence the rise in divorce.

Kim Scott said...

I agree. I think we should allow people to do what makes them happy.

Kat Olivares said...

Wow, I stopped breathing for a second back there (esp, your numbered points). Beautiful, beautiful!
(and I'm separated, if I may add :)

Lurv it!

- always a supporter of lgbt rights, always mistaken as 1