Thursday, October 30, 2008

Obama's infomercial... Did you watch it?

I got the idea for this blog post from
That girl blogs I usually do not post political posts, just because some of my friends and family have very different views, stances and affiliations. I know that there will be people who might have watched it with very different eyes. But regardless of your party of choice, to me there is no denying that Obama (I think McCain too) is sincere. He is sincere in his desire to give us Americans a better way of life, better education, health care and security. You may not agree with his ideas, but to say he is not honestly striving to change the wrongs he feels can be righted I think is just spiteful and wishful thinking. It goes both ways.

But I have to say that I was moved. Moved many times to tears. I saw stories of people, people like me, people that could be speaking my words, living my life and it was at once, reassuring and a bit scary. I don't want people to be like me. To struggle like me, to have to decide not to buy the good meat in order to make ends meet. To grow my own tomatoes not just for the taste factor, but to save a few bucks. I hate being poor, I want a change. I think he has the vision and moxie to attempt it and maybe even achieve it. Ive never felt this way about a candidate before. I am excited to be able to vote in this election.

When Barack Obama said these words:
“I will not be a perfect President, but I can promise you this… I will listen to you when we disagree… and I will open the doors of government, and ask you to be involved again.”
I felt light, I felt hope, I felt inspired to be involved in the issues that my country faces. I want to be a vehicle for change, not a nay sayer, not a cynic, not a bystander. I think if Barack Obama can inspire that feeling in any of us....even if its to oppose what you think are bad ideas that he has for our country... I think that is an admirable achievement.

All I ask is this, if the Democrats win....My fellow Democrats... be involved, be pro-active, hold Obama responsible for his words... remember the feeling of victory and the hope you felt. Carry it with you and make this country better, stronger and help it prosper. If the Republicans win this... give them a chance. Let them try to do the same for us. Because we all care about our great country...we just have different ideas on what is the right thing to do. It doesn't make us right or wrong... just different.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Lovely Pumpkin for the Fall season!


Monday, October 27, 2008

Boy, um MEN crushes of my time! The new (hopefully improved) version!

OK, now, I know some of my "Man Crushes" are not the norm... but please don't laugh or snicker (At least to my face) I tend to have weird taste in men (save for my hubby) and I am a sucker for an accent. **sigh**

OK, my numero uno crush is Jason Isaacs. Who, you say? Well, that guy who always plays the evil guy in movies. I also tend to have a soft spot in my heart for the evil ones... or slightly evil but mucho hott!!!

His eyes... **swoon**


OK, I like him as Lucius Malfoy too...blond wig, creepy walking stick, and a penchant for velvet coats, hair ribbons and all!


And yes, get OVER it... he was the baddie in The Patriot. My husband cannot stand him in that movie! He gets mad at me for liking him! LOL


Slightly Evil, you say? Well, my General Hospital crush fits the bill. Jerry Jax AKA Mr. Craig AKA Hottie from France who has an English accent.
1. Evil 2. Accent 3. Witty


My top three favorite attributes. Looks are not always a must...personality, charisma, wit, intelligence ... they all play a part in the making of a hottie, that a mere pretty boy cannot even hope to attain. Stupid men turn me OFF.

Well, Nikolas from GH is a pretty boy... I do have a few guilty pleasures... He doesn't seem dumb though, for that I am thankful.


Really...who could say no to Johnny Depp?


Even as Jack Sparrow... I could not and would not resist him... (Sorry Wendi)


Another pretty boy...but he seems fun, kind and he looks good in elf ears...although I prefer him as a Pirate. Who doesn't like pirates???


As previously mentioned. Jason Bateman. YUM


Handsome in a boy next door kind of way. Almost normal (for me) but he has a way of speaking, a quick wit, that captured me. Sometimes I like the good guy too!
If you never saw Arrested Development
check it out. Its funny, quirky and its the sitcom for the intelligent person who appreciates something a little less banal than "Friends" or "Something about Raymond" JMHO

Last but not least... Jon Stewart. Like I said, I like intelligence, wit and charisma. He isn't a traditional hottie, but he is a hottie none the less. He laughs, he pokes fun and he can make you laugh even when things are at their worst (like now)
You gotta love a guy who can make you giggle!


Of course there are more... Honorable mentions: Gary Oldman, Matthew Mcconaughey, Jude Law, Joaquin Pheonix... the list could go on....


Friday, October 24, 2008

Ive been Tagged! WOO HOO!

LOL Both Denise and Darcie tagged me for this!!! Thank you girls. I am so glad to have discovered your blogs!

Hmmmm..... 7 random facts about me.

1. I can see double. I have "wandering eyes" (yes, I look at other men too... but only movie/TV stars) I am talking about a deformity I guess you would call it. Instead of my eyes going in and crossing (like a late Aunt of mine) my eyes drift outwards, causing me to see double. Not too exciting but kinda weird to see in person.

2. Minxy Mimi is one of my nicknames. My friend MOO gave me that one... ummmm.... maybe I wont say why. LOL Too much HP talk. I have also been called (in addition to Biotch LOL) mimibunny thanks to Nordstrom work friends and Shell by my family... I am rarely just called "Michelle" which may be a random fact you might not know too! My real name is not Mimi!

3. My second son was going to be named "Finnley" which I STILL get flack for. I liked it, it was a tribute to my husband's Scottish heritage. I guess I could have done the Italian name... hmmm..... Constantine, Dante, Leonardo.... are those better??? But my son Jack's middle name is Augustus, after my fathers middle name and a tribute to our Italian roots.

4. I worked at the before mentioned Nordstrom Dept store. Glamorous? Exciting? Lavish? ummm.... no. I worked as a line cook in the cafe where I made a lot of wonderful friends who encouraged me to become the person I am today. They gave me confidence and support. I thank them always. Glamorous it was not, a learning experience it was. I can make dinner and have all the food ready at the same time! Thats a gift!

5. I was a blond child. My hair is dark now, but as a toddler I did sport some lovely blond locks!

6. As a youth (LOL, that makes me sound 80 years old) I was a good girl who didn't drink alcohol until I was the legal age of 21. Ive been drunk 3 times in my life! I also didn't have a "real" boyfriend until I was 27 years old!!! Talk about a late bloomer!

7. I am a 3rd generation Californian and proud of it! My family are farmers and started when the prune was the huge crop in the Santa Clara valley. We moved on to Strawberries, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Bell peppers ect... I worked for my dad in the fields until I was in my twenties. It was a tough job but it taught me about responsibility and the importance of doing your job and doing it matter what kind of job it is. There is nothing shameful about working with your hands and not in a sterile office. Farmers are the salt of the earth.

Well, there it is, really I am quite boring, I didnt realize! LOL Here are my people I tag

An Italian mama gone crazy

Jess at Nothing but purple

Jaimie at mom to 3 angels

Alyson at three ps in a pod

Lea at Lea Ireland

And Erin at
Lugo Family Blog

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Boy crushes of my time... kinda scary~

These are the boy crushes of my youth!!! LOL I was born in 1967... around the age of 12 I started really liking boys!!! Here is a photo sampling of the hot boy crushes of my youth! I got this idea from This cool blog

1. Early crush... Note: The feathered hair, the brown leather jacket... the cheese smile...***sigh***
Shaun cassidy Pictures, Images and Photos

2. LOL not my crushes, but crushes of the time...

scott baio Pictures, Images and Photos

Never understood this one: BUT, he does have the feathered blonde mane!!! LOL

Leif Garrett Pictures, Images and Photos

I did not have a crush on Jason Bateman in the era of this pic, although I did like him during "The Hogan Family" era

Jason Bateman Pictures, Images and Photos

BUT OH MY... I LOVE him now... Arrested Development fueled this more for me. I am a sucker for a intelligent and funny man with a gift for quips!

Jason Bateman Pictures, Images and Photos

Who could forget the brooding and slightly dumb looking Matt Dillon??

Matt Dillon Pictures, Images and Photos

These guys... Noah Drake and Blackie Parrish!!! WOW Gotta love General Hospital!!! Even now they are keeping up in the "Hott Men Dept" quota! LOL


John Stamos Pictures, Images and Photos

What do you think??? Who were your crushes???
I know there are many more I crushed on and can post about...but these guys just came to mind!!!
ENJOY the cheese and feathered hair!!!

Wordless Wednesday

*I* actually took this picture!


Monday, October 20, 2008

A Little Belated! Happy 2nd Birthday to Max and Happy 6th Anniversary to me!

Happy second Birthday to my little Max (Scoops) When my little turtle was born I was in awe of how goofy he was! LOL But he sure has changed and enriched my life. Max is sweet, cuddly, intense, curious, strong and a powerhouse! He has made my life complete. I love my kiddos so much.









And Happy 6th Anniversary to Bradd and I

We met online. In a chat room. LOL We sound like losers... HAHAHAHA But we talked for hours for a few weeks, decided to meet, and the rest is history. We never were apart after that. We never broke up and got back together, we never dated others... we just knew we were right for each other and would get married and hopefully have children someday. He is the perfect man for me... he is sweet, kind, helpful, funny and supportive. He never calls me names, talks down to me, or thinks I am his maid. He respects me and my opinions and ideas. He thinks I am smart and asks for my opinion. WOW, how did *I* get so lucky? Because I do not deserve him, he is too good for me. I am just lucky he doesn't see that. He thinks I am too good for him and he is wrong. I am not an overly sentimental person, but I do love my hubby with all my heart. I would not want to live without him. Heres to Bradd!

I do not have many pictures scanned, none of the wedding except the one posted. I only have pics of us as a family... all the fun stuff we did before we married is not scanned... UGH but here are a few pics of our family together!





Saturday, October 18, 2008

Planned C sections

Planned C/S... they cause a lot of scrutiny and controversy. Personally I see no issue with them as long as the baby is at term. From what my Dr. told me C/S are more dangerous in the sense of it being surgery for the mother, it is actually less dangerous for the baby.

I remember a story of a woman who's husband was going to Iraq (at the peak of this war)and would be leaving a week before the baby was due. She wanted to have a planned C/S so at least her husband could see the baby in case the worst happened, and he ended up dying in this war. She did get a lot of support, but there were some people who insisted a baby's time to be born should not be planned, regardless of the circumstances.

You also hear about celebrities who "plan" when they have the baby to avoid pain, stretch marks, fear, whatever... they usually can get what they want, because they are celebrities. Personally, I think if you can pay for it, and the baby isn't at risk, I see no issue. I know many do, and I have always wondered why. Sure, its shallow...but will it hurt anyone except the mother who made that choice? I remember how fearful I was before my first son was born...who's to say I would not have done the same thing if I had the money? (I did end up having C/S's) I am not a Dr.. so I am not sure, I am just going by what my Dr. said about a term baby. I kind of feel like I should mind my own business before I stick my nose into others...but is that sticking my head in the sand?

Any insight?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I got a blog award~ WOO HOO

I actually recieved FOUR!!! This is one, two and three (3 were the same award) of the four ...another tomorrow~ I am super duper popular...WOO HOO!

Jess over at Ruggratsx2 gave me this one as did Jamie and Leah! YAY to you all! Jamie is here: Momto3angels and Leah is here: Diary of a domestic goddess

Here's the translation of the award and the meaning behind it:

“This blog invests and believes, in ‘proximity’ [meaning, that blogging makes us 'close' - being close through proxy] "They are all charming blogs, and the majority of them aim to show the marvels of friendship; there are persons who are not interested when we give them a prize, and then they help to cut these bows; do we want that they are cut, or that they propagate?"Then let’s try to give more attention to them! So with this prize we must deliver it to eight bloggers that in turn must make the same thing and put this text.”

So my understanding is that this award goes to people who are charming, unselfish, and I want to give them more attention.

The four (I changed this from eight... I have too many awards to give out!) blogs I award this one to are:

1.Denise from Laughing with spoons

2. Rachel at Christians in good company

3. Laura at Confessions of a diet coke addict

and 4. Toni at 2 boys 1 princess

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Politics!!! Republican, Democrat, Libertarian Independant TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF

The debate is tonight... it most likely wont decide anything, but many of us will be watching... watching the spinning, the outright lies, the half truths...
I would like to know to what party do you belong to? Identify with?
What traits attributed to your party are true? Outright lies? What are you most proud of that your party stands for? I am truly interested to hear what you have to say!

Wordless Wednesday

A sneak preview!


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Crazy Alaskan Friend

Check her out... HERE
She is funny, bold, tells it like it is and although we disagree often, we still are friends! Funny how real friendship works, isnt it? this POST really shows what she is like!

Cut & Paste welcome! LOL

My 10 biggest fears

I borrowed this off either my friend Darcies Blog or my other friend Denise's blog
But anyways... its My 10 biggest fears. I think most are the same as all of us.

1. Dying. Not Death... I am OK with being dead... I just don't want to have to go thru the dying part... taking my last breath...will it hurt? Will I cry? Will I have regrets? I hope I do not have many regrets. I hope I lived my life regret free.
To be selfish... I hope people cry for me.

2. My children and my husband dying or getting hurt. I am sure this is every mothers fear (and wife's) to imagine a life without our children... our husband, our reasons to live. Its scary, its terrifying and it is something I hope never happens. I do not want to outlive my children. I complain about them all at times, but to not have them around? I cannot imagine. No laughs, no fighting? no back rubs, no "I love yous" That's not a life I want to live.


3. Spiders and other creepy crawly things. I don't have to explain this one, do I? Resizing this picture made me feel all wierd and creeped out... UGH


4. The dark. I sleep with the lights on in the hallway and closet. I fear the dark in such a primitive way. I don't know how I would have lived in the olden times with no electricity. For punishment when I was younger my mom used to lock me in my room and forbid me to turn the lights on... being a child, I did what she said. Even to this day, this decision on her part is still affecting me. I struggle not to let my fears transfer to my children.

5. Balloons and rubber bands. I have a fear of balloons popping and rubber bands breaking. I don't know why it is so, but it is.

6. I fear murder. I am always afraid I will be murdered, kidnapped and hurt. I think this also stems from my mom reading true Detective magazines... as a kid I looked through them and some of the things I read still haunt me today.

7. Ghosts. Dumb, I know... Yet, I still watch "Most Haunted Live" Its not like I live in a haunted house, or have,,, its just the idea of something or someone there that I cannot see... someone that went through something tragic... It just gives me the heebie jeebies. Right now, while I write this, I have goose bumps!

large ghost Pictures, Images and Photos

8. I fear poverty. I have been dirt poor... I fear poverty and not having enough food. I hate that food is something so important in my life. I wish I could just be neutral about it and let it just be an aspect in my life... but I cannot.

9. I fear Doctors. My knees shake, I sweat, I want to cry and run away. I cant eat or sleep... When I had my two children luckily a part of my mind shut down. If I can barely handle a finger prick without freaking out how could I handle giving birth I wondered. I ended up having a C/S and letting my mind go. I had too. I don't know how, but I did it...

10. I fear losing our planet and its species due to our own neglect/apathy/disrespect and being unconcerned. I know many don't believe in global warming... but there has to be consequences for the havoc and pollution we have reigned down on our beautiful planet. I don't want to live a life without Humongous Whales, Proud Lions, Lumbering Elephants and Wily Monkeys. Lets stop living just for ourselves and start realizing the choices we make today are the decisions that are shaping our future.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Max's Birthday Party!


We only had a few people over and we combined it with my mom's Birthday. Max isnt officially 2 until 10-19 (also our anniversary) Here are a few crappy pics. I am so jealous of the people who take decent pics... mine are always so choppy!

LOL Look at the huge candle for my mom!!!



My Aunt and the boys

Friday, October 10, 2008

5 things I hate about you

Well, five things I hate about me.

1. I can be judgmental. I am working on this, I notice as my self esteem has gotten better, my need to judge has gotten better. But sometimes without thinking, I still do it. This is the dumbest one though. I judge people just like me and I feel ashamed of myself. Because I am also poor, fat and a slacker mom at times. I am really trying to stop being so judgmental and realize it comes out in me when I am feeling low, when I am feeling worthless. Because I do not like being judged for those reasons and I know I am and I know how it hurts.

2. I hate that I yell at my kids. Not the usual "Italian Momma" yell. That is completely different. That yell is like a culture thing! LOL No, I am talking about mean yelling. I have told my husband to stop me when he sees it. I have been improving due to this. I need to learn that just because they are doing bad things, they do not deserve to be treated without respect and kindness. I have a hot temper and this is a hard one for me... but if I want my boys to grow up with the best I can offer them, I have to learn to stop this behavior.

3. I know I come off as harsh at times... but I wish I were not so emotional about things. I hate seeing animals hurt (sometimes I see cats hit by cars) and letting that affect my whole day, my moods. I hate that I cry and wish I could do something and I let it make me doubt everything.

4. I hate that I am poor. LOL Who wouldn't? I hate that I want to be like other people and go buy my kids $40.00 pairs of shoes and $60.00 outfits from the boutique. I do like the fact that I am unimpressed by wealth and wealthy people... I just hate that I want to be rich... just so I can buy fun things and collect art work and take trips. I wish I could be completely happy with what I have. Because I do realize I have a lot to be thankful for. I have things others wish for. I have an awesome hubby who loves me, helps me, is supportive of me and always does his fair share (if not more) I have awesome friends, a great job and a wonderful (if slightly dysfunctional) family. Why cant I be happy with that?

5. I hate that I am kinda wimpy. I can tell it like it is here, online... but sometimes I have a hard time "in real life" my knees shake, my heart races, I sweat. If I don't speak up, then I regret not doing so and get angry with myself. If I do then I worry about if I said it right, if I made my points. I second guess myself. Sometimes I wish I was a little more assertive. Sometimes I am... but there are times I let things slide and I shouldn't.

So that's my list... Do you have anything to add???

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Just a little update on my drama filled life!

Ive been a bit lax about posting and visiting my fave blogs and I am sorry. Drama in our lives sometimes happens and when you have to start fresh and deal with the fallout of an issue that you thought was not an issue... it takes a lot of our time.

My ambiguous post about a "Queen Bee" has been resolved to the best of my ability. Friends that were not true friends have been seen for who they are and friends and acquaintances have proven their kindness, loyalty and love. I feel blessed. Truly. I feel supported, I feel free. Freedom is a heady experience and one I am excited to be feeling. One that I didn't realize I had been missing until I walked away and made a choice, the right choice.

I hope to get back to my normal life ASAP. I am hoping the constant headaches will go away and I can concentrate on my children, hubby, work and blog again without petty drama ruining my days and nights. Its funny how toxic experiences leak into all parts of our lives.

I hope my (few...LOL) loyal readers will excuse my rather self centered posting lately. I started this blog on a whim and I am enjoying the new friends and viewpoints I did not have before. Thank you all for visiting me, sticking around and occasionally indulging me!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

In honor (belated) of talk like a Pirate day! These are from last year!



Monday, October 6, 2008

Leaving the hive and the Queen Bee to fend for herself

Forgive me my few loyal readers for this very public post that you might not have any idea of what I am talking about. I wish to clear the air, have my thoughts out here for the bloggy world to see. I have changed the names of the innocent and guilty! I refuse to have my words taken out of context so here is my explanation for my actions. Perhaps this is wrong of me to do, but as my friendship was tossed out many months ago like an old broken down toy that is not of use anymore... why keep it in? My first loyalty now must go to myself and my friends who have given me the courtesy to listen to me and believe in me and my quite possibly flawed but always good intentions.

Hey Girls!

This is not a goodbye letter/post, this is just my way of telling you why I may not be on the forum anymore. This is not a bash letter either. I don't do that, I am not that type of person. I am leaving and its been a long time coming, the only thing that has kept me there was all of you. I care for all of you. But, I cannot stay and keep my sanity and my self respect because I am unhappy.

Yes, my main issue is with the Queen Bee. I have seen a difference in the Queen Bee and the way she deals with people who do not agree with her and I cannot stand by and just keep my mouth shut, so for me, it is better to leave instead of saying things that will not be considered or pondered. They will be misconstrued as jealousy, or anger or spite and that is not it at all. I would love to stay on in some capacity, but I feel that I cannot. I plan on reconnecting with people that I have been "forbidden" to have anything other than minimal contact with, and I am afraid although my intentions are well meant, it will not be acceptable. I am not leaving because you are unimportant to me, because you are...its just I have to do what I feel is right for me right now. There is a bit more to the situation, but as I said, I do not wish this to be a bash letter.

As I said, the thing that kept me there is all of you and the friendships I have. But I now realize I just cannot let what I feel affect me in this way, or affect the forum in this way. It isn't fair to me or you. Remember though, I am always an e-mail away...please do not hesitate to let me know how you are. No matter what you hear this is my real reason, and I think after all the years you have all known me, you KNOW me... I tell the truth, I tell it like I feel, I do not lie or spread rumors or try to hurt people. That's something I want you to remember if you hear anything that doesn't sound right to you. The trip girls who met me know this is the real me.

I just wanted to let you all know without all the smoke screens, rumors, or spinning that might go along with my departure. I hope I am wrong, or so unimportant now that this will not happen. Maybe no-one will notice I am gone! I hope you can understand where I am coming from and believe me (as you always have before) that what I say here is what is the truth. I was truthful enough to admit fault when I left the board and came back once before. I am not afraid of the truth. I am an honest, if flawed person. Please take care and remember I am always here if you need anything.


Eight things worth saving

Usually its ten things...but I am tired and a bit depressed today, so eight it is!!!

1. Friendships... whether new or old. Sometimes yes, we grow apart... but sometimes its laziness and even though we know its something we should do, we don't keep in touch. I miss my friends, my online friends and my pre-baby friends. We have different lives now an its hard to get together. I miss being carefree. I miss my HP girls, all of us together being crazy. We can get that back... it just requires some trust and effort. I think its worth the work. You cant buy better friendships than we have had. (Sorry Wendi, you need to come to Napa so I have a pic with you)



2. Its worth saving cards, letters, clippings. I save all my cards, all the kids cards and its fun to look back and remember. I still have all the cards from my Noni (grandmother) She has been gone more than 2 years now, but when I see her handwriting it makes me happy... it makes me envision her happy and wrinkly face!!! It makes me feel just a little closer to her again. I see my life pass by in cards and letters. Birthdays, then wedding cards, and finally baby cards. My friends, the memories, the people who care about me all enclosed inside a little piece of cardboard. I wonder if my boys will also enjoy looking back. I hope so.

3. The planet... basic yes. We need to start taking responsibility for the damage we have done to the earth and instead of pointing fingers, start working together to help ease the strain we put on our beautiful planet. Unless Mars starts shaping up, this is probably the only one weve got.

4. My sanity!!! LOL Taking time away from my much loved but occasionally annoying and needy kids is a necessity, not a luxury. Yes, a spa day would be lovely, but that is not affordable at this point in my life. I am lucky to have an awesome hubby who watches the boys and encourages me to just get away for awhile... even if I just poke around the thrift store or go to Big Lots... at least that little breather helps my outlook and when I go back home I am refreshed and able to take on the hours and hours of fighting cats and boys! LOL

My innocent boys:


5. My self respect. I have been in unhealthy relationships and situations. At some point you have to "see the light" and realize that although you may love someone and/or something, you have to let go. You have to deal with the loss and hurt and move on. Sometimes life throws some crap at you... its up to us to take what we need from it, what we need to learn from it and then let go.

6. Marriages. All marriages have their challenges. We need to remember what we got married for, what made us believe that this person was "The One" Compromise on things, but keep your integrity. There are simply some things that cannot be compromised or forgiven, in my honest opinion. Cheating without remorse. Abuse, whether verbal or physical. The rest can be worked on, tweaked and hopefully make the partnership stronger without weakening the individuals.


7. Children. Children everywhere deserve parents and/or guardians who care about their welfare, not ones who just care for the welfare check! Parents who do their best to promote kindness, empathy, education, and a social awareness. I complain often about rude and unkind people. I make sure my children are learning that kindness matters, manners make a difference and that education is important. Children really are our future. Its up to us to take our lessons from the past and shape the future through our precious children.

8. Animals and their habitats. Yes Ive heard about "Survival of the fittest" But IMHO, just because we are the dominant species on this planet doesn't mean we can or should ignore the issues that face our little furry (or slimy LOL) friends. Human beings need to understand that just because we can do something, doesn't mean we should. We need to be aware that animal species are disappearing at an alarming rate. There are less birds than there used to be, less bees... Can you imagine a world that had no Tigers, Lions, Elephants? Because its happening. I do not want my grandchildren to read about a Lion in a book because there are none left alive. We need to stop being so selfish and start worrying about things outside of our sphere of influence. I try to do my part, if only in a small fashion. Some things are just worth saving, this is just one of them.