Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Boy crushes of my time... kinda scary~

These are the boy crushes of my youth!!! LOL I was born in 1967... around the age of 12 I started really liking boys!!! Here is a photo sampling of the hot boy crushes of my youth! I got this idea from This cool blog

1. Early crush... Note: The feathered hair, the brown leather jacket... the cheese smile...***sigh***
Shaun cassidy Pictures, Images and Photos

2. LOL not my crushes, but crushes of the time...

scott baio Pictures, Images and Photos

Never understood this one: BUT, he does have the feathered blonde mane!!! LOL

Leif Garrett Pictures, Images and Photos

I did not have a crush on Jason Bateman in the era of this pic, although I did like him during "The Hogan Family" era

Jason Bateman Pictures, Images and Photos

BUT OH MY... I LOVE him now... Arrested Development fueled this more for me. I am a sucker for a intelligent and funny man with a gift for quips!

Jason Bateman Pictures, Images and Photos

Who could forget the brooding and slightly dumb looking Matt Dillon??

Matt Dillon Pictures, Images and Photos

These guys... Noah Drake and Blackie Parrish!!! WOW Gotta love General Hospital!!! Even now they are keeping up in the "Hott Men Dept" quota! LOL


John Stamos Pictures, Images and Photos

What do you think??? Who were your crushes???
I know there are many more I crushed on and can post about...but these guys just came to mind!!!
ENJOY the cheese and feathered hair!!!


Italian Mama Gone Crazy! said...

I adore them all except leif garrett and Matt Dillon.

I used to wear a Shaun Cassidy T shirt EVERYWHERE!

Do you mind if I post a similar post? I really liked your idea.

Minxy Mimi said...

I didnt care for Leif either...steal away!!! I could only wish I had a Shaun T-shirt!

JLT6907 said...

oooooo Scott Baio and John Stamos....yummy!!!!

Charming Lamb said...

Damn made me just break into a hot lusty sweat!

Justin Bateman has really aged into a serious hottie. And John Stamos...I've loved him since he was Blackie on General Hospital!

Headed for a shower now.

The Healthy Mom said...

That's great! I love looking back to the past. I'm a bit younger than you so my crushes were, Kirk Cameron, Johnny Depp, Mario Lopez (I couldn't get enough of Saved By the Bell when I was 12), Christian Slater, he's still hot in his new show, My Own Worst Enemy... I was a child of the eighties. Great pictures. Those men are all hot too! I love your blog!

Jenni Jiggety said...

Ricky Schroeder! Loooooved him! Kirk Cameron and Michael J. Fox!

sheila said...

O-M-G! Thanks for a refresher! I was born in 65. Same crushes and same deal with the Hogan Family. LOVED that show!
I'll add one more: Tony DeFranco! Ahhhh...I have a box ov old Tiger Beat's, maybe I should leaf through them! Thanks for the memories!
Oh, David Cassidy too. Although I DID go to Shawn's concert and got a rose he threw into the audience (siggghhhh)
Come over to 3 Word Thursdays today and try it out!

Jen said...

LOL what a funny post. I loved Fred Savage. I really thought I would marry him one day. That is until I moved on to bigger and better, like Ponch from CHiPs! I'd hate to see what he looks like today!!

Minxy Mimi said...

Actually Ponch doesnt look too bad!
Fred does the voice of Oswald on Noggin!

JO said...

I love Scott Baio and John Stamos!

Also Robbie Rosa and Ricky Martin of Menudo - do you know this Puerto Rican group?


Chic Shopper Chick said...

Oh my goodness UNCLE JESSE! I still have a thing for John Stamos! LOL.

Denise said...

Oh my! Scott Baio (did you watch Scott Baio is however old and single/married with a baby?)I loved! I also loved Jason Bateman and John Stamos in the mullet days!

Fun post!

By the way...I just blogged and tagged you! :)

Kailani said...

Shawn Cassidy was always my favorite! Da doo run run run . . .


Anonymous said...

Sean Cassidy was the big one for me. I had his pic everywhere.

Jess said...

Let's see there was Leo and JTThomas from Home Improvement...AJ from the BSB. That's about it we hardly ever watched tv and when we did it was mostly cartoons, I like Gary Sinese(sp) NOW, Will Smith was a youth crush, Jesse(UH Can't remember his name) from Full House, I think that's about it.

Lisa said...

OMG I laughed out loud so hard, I was sooo there with you on some of these LOL!!!

Karyn with a Y said...

That is AWESOME! I love the retro photos.