Monday, October 6, 2008

Eight things worth saving

Usually its ten things...but I am tired and a bit depressed today, so eight it is!!!

1. Friendships... whether new or old. Sometimes yes, we grow apart... but sometimes its laziness and even though we know its something we should do, we don't keep in touch. I miss my friends, my online friends and my pre-baby friends. We have different lives now an its hard to get together. I miss being carefree. I miss my HP girls, all of us together being crazy. We can get that back... it just requires some trust and effort. I think its worth the work. You cant buy better friendships than we have had. (Sorry Wendi, you need to come to Napa so I have a pic with you)



2. Its worth saving cards, letters, clippings. I save all my cards, all the kids cards and its fun to look back and remember. I still have all the cards from my Noni (grandmother) She has been gone more than 2 years now, but when I see her handwriting it makes me happy... it makes me envision her happy and wrinkly face!!! It makes me feel just a little closer to her again. I see my life pass by in cards and letters. Birthdays, then wedding cards, and finally baby cards. My friends, the memories, the people who care about me all enclosed inside a little piece of cardboard. I wonder if my boys will also enjoy looking back. I hope so.

3. The planet... basic yes. We need to start taking responsibility for the damage we have done to the earth and instead of pointing fingers, start working together to help ease the strain we put on our beautiful planet. Unless Mars starts shaping up, this is probably the only one weve got.

4. My sanity!!! LOL Taking time away from my much loved but occasionally annoying and needy kids is a necessity, not a luxury. Yes, a spa day would be lovely, but that is not affordable at this point in my life. I am lucky to have an awesome hubby who watches the boys and encourages me to just get away for awhile... even if I just poke around the thrift store or go to Big Lots... at least that little breather helps my outlook and when I go back home I am refreshed and able to take on the hours and hours of fighting cats and boys! LOL

My innocent boys:


5. My self respect. I have been in unhealthy relationships and situations. At some point you have to "see the light" and realize that although you may love someone and/or something, you have to let go. You have to deal with the loss and hurt and move on. Sometimes life throws some crap at you... its up to us to take what we need from it, what we need to learn from it and then let go.

6. Marriages. All marriages have their challenges. We need to remember what we got married for, what made us believe that this person was "The One" Compromise on things, but keep your integrity. There are simply some things that cannot be compromised or forgiven, in my honest opinion. Cheating without remorse. Abuse, whether verbal or physical. The rest can be worked on, tweaked and hopefully make the partnership stronger without weakening the individuals.


7. Children. Children everywhere deserve parents and/or guardians who care about their welfare, not ones who just care for the welfare check! Parents who do their best to promote kindness, empathy, education, and a social awareness. I complain often about rude and unkind people. I make sure my children are learning that kindness matters, manners make a difference and that education is important. Children really are our future. Its up to us to take our lessons from the past and shape the future through our precious children.

8. Animals and their habitats. Yes Ive heard about "Survival of the fittest" But IMHO, just because we are the dominant species on this planet doesn't mean we can or should ignore the issues that face our little furry (or slimy LOL) friends. Human beings need to understand that just because we can do something, doesn't mean we should. We need to be aware that animal species are disappearing at an alarming rate. There are less birds than there used to be, less bees... Can you imagine a world that had no Tigers, Lions, Elephants? Because its happening. I do not want my grandchildren to read about a Lion in a book because there are none left alive. We need to stop being so selfish and start worrying about things outside of our sphere of influence. I try to do my part, if only in a small fashion. Some things are just worth saving, this is just one of them.


JLT6907 said...

i agree with you on every single one of these!

Toni said...

I 100% agree!

Kristina P. said...

Yeah, don't read my earth hating post. :)

I have to say, I will recycle and be "green" if it's convenient for me. I really do things out of laziness or convenience.

Moo said...

I AgRee totally !!! YAY

ANd LOL at our picture!

Kristin said...

You rock!!