Sunday, August 3, 2008

My first ever contest/giveaway .. Two Handmade Soaps by Mimi... Sonnets for Soaps

This is my first giveaway. These two soaps are handmade and come in an organza bag. They are made with premium Goats milk and Glycerin. The scents I chose are Apricot Freesia and Carnation. I use high quality supplies and have many satisfied customers. I specialize in lovely and refreshing scents. I enjoy making soaps and I make them in my spare time and for many of my forum friends! If you want to win these here are the rules:

Post your comments via this post.
For one entry: Write a small 2-4 line sonnet (poem) does not need to be perfect, just a little ditty!
OR you can: Mention me in a blog of yours and add my link! You have to comment with the link to your blog mentioning mine in this post!
If you do both, you get 2 entries.
Winner will be picked randomly, and will be announced via this blog. CONTEST ENDS 08-08-08 at 12:00 PST

Thats it! I hope you come for the contest and come back for the blog... if not, thanks for taking the time to enter.


Anonymous said...

oooh I've always wanted to try your soaps! You should put them on my site!!!

My sonnet:
Soap makes you clean and fresh
Right before you get all dressed.
Lather up and scrub you down
Then get ready to go on the town!

haha..ok I came up with that in like 3 seconds but it works right!?

Jess said...

awesome Mimi, love your soaps, but I'm not good at poems. LOL so I'll blog about it a bit later tonight, but wont post it til the AM.

Alyce said...

Bubble baths are the best,
They give me lots of rest.
When I'm feeling sad,
Good soap can make me glad!

So corny! Thanks for the entry!

Minxy Mimi said...

Thanks guys so far! The poems are fine!!!

Bridgette said...

I really love Mimi's soaps.
I wonder if they come on a rope?
If I don't win I will mope.
Guess I will just have to cope.



janetfaye said...

Handmade Soaps by Mimi are high quality and smell oh so divine!

Start you day with Mimi's soap and your happy day will shine!

Thank you!

janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

janetfaye said...

I blogged your giveaway

janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

windycindy said...

Your soaps look wonderful and sound great! Here is my little poem:
Lovely and handmade
Scented refreshing and clean
Soap that are fine

Thanks, Cindi

Toni said...

I am such a big dope
I have yet to try a Mimi soap
It can keep wizards smelling nice
So just for that it's my new vice

Andrea said...

Oooh Oooh! Ok, so I should get bonus points for remembering how a sonnet should go, oh wow that class was so long

Candles, tea and a book I will gather,
Slip into the tub to enjoy warm soft suds,
Oh but how I wish it was Mimi's soap I could lather,
If I win I will be as happy as a pig in mud.

Debbie said...

Soap keeps us clean
and refreshed;
Handmade soap keeps the world grean
and obsessed!

I'd love to win this!

bookworm said...

Oh boy, here goes:

When I'm outside climbing a rope
I'm in need of Mimi's soap
She's really the only one
Who can get the job done!

Hey, I think I may have a new career on my hands!

Thanks for offering the soap!

Haasiegirl said...

im not entering, but i wanted to say andreas was flawless. LOL!


sunnymum said...

I'd like to try, especially since I love carnations! Thanks for the chance to win.

My daughter thinks soap is fun,
To wash her toys one by one.
She stays in the tub for hours,
But always smells like fruit and flowers.

Toni said...

and i have now blogged about your contest.

Simply AnonyMom said...

"Mom no bath"
sets me into a wrath
I need to unwind
with a soap so divine.

Hope that is OK!

Andrea said...

Thanks Trisha!

And I blogged your contest Mimi...

crazyaboutmy2boys said...

soap soap
is good for the pope
the more you use it
you will smell fresh, we hope

Fresh is it name
so use mmi's
or be lame
use it all over your body
and have a huge Party

hope you like it sorry not so good

crazyaboutmy2boys said...

i added your contest on my blog i hope i did it right.

Tamara said...

Scrub a dub dub
handmade soap is the bomb
all natural is the way to go
scrub a dub dub

jceko77 said...

Here it goes:
Scented soaps are very cool.
Throw one in you bag for school.
Smell so lovely once you bathe,
Now you're ready for that special date!

Anonymous said...

i plan on doing both.

My friend mimi is a minx
An italian friend who cares
But beware to those who cross her
italians are known to jinx!

ahahahahahahaha ;-)

Minxy Mimi said...

LOL Quincy!!!!!!!!!

Suzie G. said...

Warm water fills my bathtub,
I grab some soap- scrub-a-dub-dub.
I wonder if I should relax some more,
Till my kids beat on the door.