Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Pictures, Images and Photos

I am thankful 2008 is over... I have great hopes for 2009... Obama will be president, stocks should be trending up, We will be working our way out of debt, Jack will be fully potty trained (LOL) The next Harry Potter movie will be out (YAY) My blog will continue to be a wonderful outlet and I will continue to make bloggy friends... Thank you for making 2008 tolerable!

Heres to a bright, healthy and prosperous 2009!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Happy 2009! I can't believe it's here already. Harry Potter....I thought they were done with those? Or maybe they need to catch up the number of films with number of books....ok, I get it.

I'm following you now because I can't wait to see what kinds of mischief you'll get into. ;)

Lana said...

Fully potty trained child. That sounds appealing! Mackenzie is Soooo close. The odd accident during the day, and still needs a pull-up at night, but I can taste the diaper/pull-up freedom just around the corner!
Good luck with your little one!!

Saundra Shaver said...

And you to too, my lovely Italian Paisana!!!

Anonymous said...

Harry Potter - HELL YEAH! That's going to be the absolute best, I can NOT wait.

Happy 2009 to you, lady. I hope it's as awesome as you deserve it to be.