Thursday, January 1, 2009

Mama Kats writing assignment

Time for Mama Kat's writing assignment.

Choose a prompt, post it on your blog, and come back and sign Mr. Linky:

The Prompts:

1.) Describe a New Year's where you would have been better off just staying home.

2.) What do you do that drives your mother crazy?

3.) Share your favorite gluten free recipe (hey, so what if I rig the topics to suit my life...)

4.) Close out 2008 with your own TOP 10 list!

I chose to close out 2008 in my own Top Ten List! Not in any particular order...

The top ten good things about 2008 (I may have to dig deep here...LOL)

1. We moved to a new home, we didn't want to move, but we had to. The new house isnt exactly all I would wish for... but we are warm, safe, together and we do have an awesome kid friendly back yard for the boys! You take the good anywhere you find it.

2. I went on an awesome trip to Florida to meet up with friends... by myself!!! It was a meet-up of my forum friends... there were 13 or 14 of us! We stayed at an awesome place called The Portofino it was beautiful, luxurious, and had an awesome wrap around balcony! But the best part about the trip was the friends I met... relationships started online and cemented into "Real life" life-long (I hope!!!) true friendships! Even though I did not connect with one person on the trip like I wanted to, it was still an eye opening experience for me, and one I would never give up. Plus I got to meet 2 of my HP girls...and it was fun to giggle for hours with them! I enjoyed meeting my girls so much. I hope someday we can do it again!




LOL, the crazy wind storm and my buddies... Brandi and Toni!


3. My job! Even though I started my job in late 2007, I finally started enjoying my job in 2008. I learned more about the position, learned to use computer programs I had never used, learned a lot of things I thought were boring before. I developed a rapport with my co-workers and my boss... My boss is awesome... We both watch General Hospital!!! YAY so I have someone to discuss it with, plus he also has a young family and understands the pressures I go through.

4. My family. Gotta love a family who doesn't judge you (foreclosure) who support you, who care about you. I am lucky I have wonderful in-laws as well.

5. This blog...started on a whim, and almost deleted. But I stuck with it, drew from within myself and posted things I felt, things I wanted to feel and things I hoped to feel. I made new friends here and I cherish all of them. Who knew blogging could be so therapeutic, so fun and so empowering!

6. My hubby... my hubby is there for me always, he helps with the kids... doesn't threaten to leave me when I get grumpy... when I yell... He tries his best to understand, to support me and maybe most listen to me. How did I get so lucky?

(AWWWW!! Look how small Jack was!!!)

7. My kids were a high point! They got cuter, smarter and unfortunately...more ornery! But I love them a ton and I am so happy I have them around!


8. My cats... I love them, I worship them... I would die without them. Am I crazy, or what?


obama Pictures, Images and Photos

The 2008 Presidential Election!!! WOO HOO!!! Obama in the house!!! YAY
after a two term president whom I had a hard time supporting... I am happy to have a fresh start. He will make mistakes, but I am so excited to have someone **I** voted for in the White House. Read my after election thoughts HERE


It feels good to be myself! To have almost "come into my own" and become the person I want to be, the person who makes her own rules and doesn't follow anyone elses in order to "fit in".
I have pondered religion, friendships, forgiveness, honor, karma, motherhood, human rights, animal rights, and love and relationships... I may not have come out on top in all these situations...but I tried my best... can I expect anything more from myself? Should I?


kel said...

Good for you, girl! I am on my quest right now to become comfortable with my self. It looks like you had a kick ass year!

Bridgette said...

Happy New Year, Mimi!

Anonymous said...

I love this post! It makes me happy when I see people who are being all they can be! Happy New Year!

Jennifer said...

Fantastic post! You had a fabulous year and I hope to be as radiant as you are. I am working on it.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy I made your top 10! I would never have given up that trip even though it came at not such a good time for me. I just wish we all weren't spread around the country.

I love your 10, and you too!

Kristin said...

Awe happy new year! I do remember that trip. I just had to giggle at Toni, she's too funny out in the wind like that.

I hope you have an even better 2009!

sheila said...

Ahhhhhh, seems like many of us are on that quest. How funny. Glad I've met a fellow soul searcher. Have a wonderful year! (btw, LOVE that pic of the ladies on the windy balcony....very funny!)

AJ said...

Happy New Year Mimi!

I hope you accomplish all you set out to and more!

Wendi said...

great blog mimi!!! and even if we don't agree (ahem 9 ahem)we can still be great friends....because thats what REAL friends do!! agree to disagree and move on!! what a freaking concept huh!!

Love ya!!!

Toni said...

Awww Mimi I had a wonderful time giggling with you and quincy on the trip all the things we giggle about now hee hee.anyhoo you are an awesome woman and I hope 2009 brings you much happiness

Jess @ NBP said...

LOL Good ones Mims!! I did seven of my own.

Ann said...

You are starting off 2009 in a fantastic way! Great personal Top Ten List.

Saundra Shaver said...

Girl... that. was. AWESOME!!!

I am so happy to have "met" you!

Cheers! here's to 2009!!!

Moo said...

Mimi my twin.. you rock!!!