Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Agnostic/Atheist equals bad person???

I Seem to run into this misconception often. Agnostic/Atheists are bad people, to be pitied or shunned. I just don't understand why people are so narrow minded at times. The latest thing that happened, was on a www.momdot.com (a wonderful site full of awesome people and great information) I introduced myself and made mention of my blog and myself. I mentioned I am Agnostic (among many other things) for the benefit of any future readers I may have... I think trying to see another person's point of view is something we can all benefit from, if only to truly understand the world and people who live in the world around us. I received a cryptic comment back of "Not sure about the proclamation of being Agnostic..." as part of my welcome from this person to the group. I am not that easily offended, It is very minor in fact, but it brings back to me how often Agnostics and Atheists are maligned, misinterpreted and shunned. Here is the definition of an Agnostic: 

ag�nos�tic �� (g-nstk) KEY �


One who believes that it is impossible to know whether there is a God.
One who is skeptical about the existence of God but does not profess true atheism.
One who is doubtful or noncommittal about something

I have experienced this often in my "real life" not as much on my online life, altho someone once said on a forum I belonged to that she would not let her child play with an Agnostics/Atheists child. I wonder... what do you think we are going to do to your child? Force our views on your child's sponge like mind? In all my 40 years of living, Ive seen more Christians trying to spread the word. I don't pretend to know what is true or not, and I would never attempt to coerce anyone into thinking what I think. I think if we stop believing anyone who lives a life or has a creed or view that we do not share is a bad person, or a immoral person, then we would be better off. Many religions, creeds and people have been and will be guilty of this. I find it rather sad and frustrating to be honest. I am certainly not targeting Christians, I have many friends who are, more often than not as a matter of fact. I respect them, and they respect me.

See, I am who I am, I cannot or perhaps will not change. I am OK with the not knowing, with the mystery of it all. I don't want to, or need to believe in Heaven or Hell or God or Angels. I am content and happy and fulfilled. I try not to lie, judge or hurt another. I am a good friend and a loyal wife. I give to charity and I love animals and my babies. I am the same as any other person out there really. I just think a little differently. So next time you hear the scary word "Agnostic or Atheist" remember... we are people too, with families, pets, friends and most of us do have morals and care about others. Don't judge us based on what you think you know... get to know us first, before you label us.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you Mimi that there are lots of negative stereotypes out there. My husband is agnostic and for the most part keeps it to himself but when he is asked and discloses he sometimes runs into it. I'm sorry.

Wendi said...

aww, meem's you know how I feel about you, and we differ a great deal on this subject....but can still be great friends!!! its a taboo subject all the way around...

Haasiegirl said...

hmm, i didnt see that mimi, i am sorry you didnt recieve a warm welcome from someone. Now i have to go look> Maybe she was just wondering why you labeled YOURSELF>..like why you brought it up...? I dont say im trisha, im a christian. LOL

Im just saying..

Minxy Mimi said...
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Minxy Mimi said...

No, I dont think I labeled myself... I was introducing myself as a fellow blogger and describing myself and what I might blog about. I assumed that was what the psot was aiming for since it asked us tell us about ourselves and our blogs!!! I am also a mother and wife, those are also labels, perhaps just more acceptable. I sure as heck dont announce it when I meet new people on non blogging forums or in my offline life! LOL I wouldnt want to talk to me either!