Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lessons and wisdom learned from General Hospital!

OK, I know Soap Operas are viewed by many as mindless, maudlin trash. I disagree. Ive learned many helpful things from GH, and Ive cried many happy tears and sad tears for people who although are not real, are real to me. Ive learned that love can transcend death and make people do the craziest things because they want to keep the person they love from harm... if you truly love someone you must have at one time done one of three things.
1. Taken a murder rap for your beloved that killed an ex who was obsessed with them and could not come to grips with the fact that their "one true love" left them for you!
2. Pretend you do not love your most beloved because a murderer/psychopath is threatening his/her life. Pretend this even though just a week before you were making wedding plans. She/He will protest for awhile and then resign themselves and possibly have children with a crazy ex and the situation will lead to #1... but I digress.
3. Put up with the most outlandish situations, forgive the worst transgressions... adultery, murderous intentions, lies, bribery... all done TO you by your beloved! Realize that he/she has had an awful childhood being raised by a mob boss/unresponsive wealthy family/poor achoholic's and they only do these things out of desperation. They are truly remorseful.
If you can do these three things, you know its true love!
What Ive learned about myself, is that if I lived in Port Charles I would pick all the wrong men to love, but OH.. would I be in Heaven, or Hell... not sure which, or even if I truly care which! So, even though Prince Nicholas is a hottie, with lovely manners and a Gothic castle called "Wyndemere" I still find him a bit dull... he needs to get an evil twin or have a life altering experience and become a bit more evil for me. Sonny, while not my style has a darling set of dimples... being a murderous mob boss helps with his appeal. Jason... Jason... what can I say... intense blue eyes, calm and cool while being a mob hit man.. Yet he can turn around and help the helpless, and is noble...he will not use his families vast wealth for his own purposes... even if he did remember them (he has amnesia) I doubt he would. And oh!!! Who can forget Mr. Craig AKA Jerry Jax? He has all the attributes I love. He is a psychopath who took a whole lobby of people hostage and blew the lobby up before escaping, he is the brother of the very kind (and a bit boring) Jasper Jax. But he has slightly reformed and is romancing the beautiful and intelligent Alexis!!! OH, how I long to be Alexis. He also has a lovely accent. **Shivers** this is the epitome of the perfect Port Charles man to me.
I have learned that its a good thing I do not live in Port Charles... my poor safety loving soul could not take it.
So, in essence, yes, Soap Operas can be mindless, maudlin trash. This is true. But the writers have an amazing gift to make you love, hate and watch them day in and day out for years. I am not ashamed, I am not embarrassed to say I am a Soap Opera watcher. Some very intelligent people I know watch GH... My boss, and my husband! I stand proud!!!

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