Thursday, July 10, 2008

Marriages, men and women

Ok, why do so many women complain about their husbands/SO's when they just turn around and excuse the behaviour an hour later? Why do women have children and keep having children with men who do not help out with them, do not help with the household, do not care for the children at all... UNLESS the woman guilts them into it, or forces their hand. It annoys me to no end to hear constant complaining about bad husbands when I want to scream "You knew this when you married him, you knew this when you decided to have child number 1, and 2 and sometimes 3! with him...why do you think it will change when you let him treat you like crap and ignore your kids together?" But I keep my mouth shut, I keep the peace...usually!!!
I am not talking about husbands who are just a little lazy, a bit clueless...heck, that's me!!! I am talking about what I call "Serial Slackers" men who do nothing, expect everything and viola!!! the woman does it. Have some frickin pride. JMHO


Karyn with a Y said...

You go hot momma! You and I both have wonderful husbands so I understand where you are coming from. I think women are scared of what would happen if they did stand up for themselves. They would rather live the sorta life they have now than be alone out in the world starting over and trying to find happiness. Hell, they may not even know what it feels like to be happy anymore.

Good blog! Keep it up!! ;)

Helene said...

Hi there! I could not agree more! I tend to complain about my husband from time to time because sometimes I just feel like he doesn't get it - how challenging it can be to be home with all 4 kids by myself every day while he goes to work. I found that just having open communication is what helps us. He has no clue what I need until I ask him for help so I just have to remember that he WILL help but he has to be told what to do...fine with me, whatever works, right??!!

Denise said...

I hear ya sister! I do divorces for a living and it amazes me how many women will "forgive" their husbands in the middle of it...only to come back to me 2-3 more times! Oh the stories I could tell!!!!