Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Newbie Blogger...unplugged!

I am new to this blog business, so cut me some slack. I am a Californian, and not what you would expect. I am not blond, 5'9 and 100 Lbs... I am a short, fat Italian and I am rather proud of that, I am proud I am accepting of who I am. I am officially Agnostic in a town of hard core conservative Christians. I have two adorable boys, Jack and Max (This I know, I am not self-deluded) I have an awesome husband who is what I call a "Real man" (meaning he loves me and cares about and for our children and helps around the house, with nary a complaint, all while working full time) This blog will not be about "life in my fat body" or "life as an outcast" ect... at least not all the time. Its about me, my musings and why I always feel I am always right...LOL
Feel free to ask questions, comment and tell me what you want to hear me blog about!!!


Jessica said...

coolies, Mimi!!! Love it.

Anonymous said...

yay!! i have a hard time reading with the text color but I'm excited to follow you!

Kateasaurus said...

Mimimimimimi I'll read all about you, you're interesting.