Friday, September 12, 2008

Cool contests going on at MOMDOT. Harry Potter giveaway and a $250.00 Necklace! WOW

MOMDOT is having an awesome givewaway, its a $250.00 necklace contest!!! WOW. All you have to do is sign up at The cupcake club found here : CUPCAKE CLUB ENTER NOW! Then enter the contest here Cupcake Giveaway But be aware...I want to win!

Sencondly, and just as important!!! YAY A HARRY POTTER GIVEAWAY!Head over to
Scholastic and check out the Harry Potter Page NEW BOOK COMING OUT FROM JK ROWLING!!! Also a new BOXED SET of all the books! YAY Remember to read the rules and enter at MOMDOT Harry Potter Giveaway

OMG, I so need to be a winner on this!!!
I usually do not blog about contests, but this one is a doozy! Check them out!