Monday, September 22, 2008

Over protective parents kinda bug me

OK, I will admit it. Parents (mostly moms) who are overprotective bug me. I cant help it. Now, I am not advocating letting your kids ride on the edge of a flatbed truck while going down the road at 30 miles an hour, or letting them run wild and wander 10 acres of land (including creeks) without any monitoring (that's what my parents did... farmers are a different breed perhaps? Or maybe its Italian's? LOL) No, I am talking about the germ-a-phobe moms, the "I will only make my own baby food" moms, the only buy organic products moms, the don't let them eat Peanut Butter until 4 years old mom. This is my sister and cousins, they bug me too!!!

OK, I understand the concepts behind organics, fresh baby foods, I know. I get it. I would buy Organic if I could afford to, when its on sale, I do...(while shopping yesterday I bought carrots...a regular bag was 99 cents. Organic bag $2.29) but my kids must suffer I guess. We are poor. LOL However, it still bugs me a little. The germ-a- phobe thing particularly bugs me. Studies have been known to show that germs in moderation are actually beneficial to you in the long run. It makes sense to say that if all germs are taken out of the babies space, when they finally do get exposed, it is in line to be worse with a child who has been wiped clean with hand sanitizer thrice daily... Oh wait, I meant the child's toys, playthings, and utensils... I think that might be taking it a bit too far. I also think passing on that fear will make your kids weird about letting loose, having fun and getting dirty. Dirt can be fun!

Sugar. That seems to be more evil than Hitler and Saddam Hussein put together. Sugar in moderation is fine. Sugar in moderation is not going to create fat adults who lay around sluggishly and don't amount to anything. No, sugar is not the cause of that... fat adults are not caused by letting your child have a glass of juice a day, or a candy bar a week for a treat. Fat adults are caused by letting children eat whatever they want, whenever they want (this I know, Ive lived it) and not encouraging and participating in physical activity. Playing video games all day while eating unlimited amounts of junk will make a fat child/adult. Dessert in moderation is a yummy part of a meal. Something to look forward too. Life would not be worth living if you could not have a juicy piece of watermelon, or a Hershey's bar once in awhile. Food is not just fuel, it is an art form and it is something to be enjoyed and savored. Healthy eating is important, but having a pizza now and again never hurt anyone.

I also do not care for the superiority attitude you sometimes see with this kind of mom. (Don't get too upset, I said sometimes) "Well, **I** would never feed my children non organic store bought baby food!!!" "But we all are different" ect ect ect... I hear a lot of "Well **I** would never" It sounds so judgmental but carefully wrapped in a blanket of tolerance for all, so as not to offend. I don't know.. maybe I am paranoid, but I don't buy it. I can read between the lines and the raised eyebrows! Maybe this is a California thing? Or a Forum/Message Board thing? I don't know. Remember, WE did not die from eating a non organic piece of fruit, nor did we perish from eating peanut butter at the age of one (unless we were severely allergic, and then we would not be talking about this at all) I was even sprayed (by a crop duster) with Malathion, and I am still ticking.... No, most of us grew to adulthood in one piece.

I think being aware of the dangers out there is what a parents responsibility is all about. I think being overly cautious with preemies and children who are born into a family with known allergies is a must. But just your average every day kid needs to, no deserves the opportunity to get dirty. Eat a Popsicle. Have a candy bar. Have a puppy who licks faces. Have a parent who encourages fun and provides a child with the opportunity to enjoy ALL that life has to offer. In moderation.


ComfyMom~Stacey said...

The cleanliness thing drives me nuts. Every time I see a commercial for the various Lysol & Clorox products all I can think is "BE AFRAID!! BE VERY AFRAID!!! WE WANT YOU TO FEAR!!"

and then I wonder how my kids have lived as long as they have when I have never once washed any of their toys in a sanitizing liquid and only maybe 3 times have sprayed Lysol in the toys general air space.

JLT6907 said...

I agree 100%!

Darcie said...

I've seen the judgment firsthand and know it all too well! It's almost funny when they think they're pulling the wool over your eyes, like you won't know what they really think of you.

You know what? My kids get organic when I can afford it...which is damn near never. Like you, fruits and veggies, if they're lucky. So far, so good, two healthy kids!

The germ thing is irritating too. The most I'll do is wipe down a shopping cart in case there's boogers or some kid had a leaky diaper in there.

My aunt used to be a germ freak when it came to her kids and they were sick all the time as a result!

Anonymous said...

Oh Mimi I hear you. I just accept the fact that there will be those parents who look down their noses at me. Oh well.

Senart Family said...

Totally agree! In fact both my girls were covered in chocolate tonight..TWICE! The first was an ice cream sandwhich after dinner then we made brownines together and I let them lick the spon...did I mention It's fun! It's good. I like food, I don't want my daughters to be scared of food. The "no sugar" moms bug me too. Mostly because, just like you mentioned with the germs and getting sick, if you never ever let your kids have anything sweet...what is going to happen the day they actually get their hands on a candy bar? And that day will come! They are going to be bouncing off the walls and their little bodies are going to go into hyper overdrive! Great blog!

Miss you BTW.

Charming Lamb said...

I would LOVE to be 100% organic and vegan too...but who can afford it?

I just finished reading "Skinny Bitch" and all the stuff on animal meat just makes me want to barf. But, how do you feed a man with NO meat?

Life just goes on and the others who have their noses in the air should pray a rain doesn't come or they might drown! LOL

Susan said...

You said a mouthful and I totally agree.

Hot Tub Lizzy said...

Amen sister. Killing ALL the germs is NOT good - our bodies need to learn to fight them off!!!

Toni said...

I sooo agree with you. I read and I don't know if it proven or not but that our germaphobia is what is causing more kids to have allergies than ever before. We are not allowing our bodies to create the antibodies they need. Don't know if that is true or not but it makes sense!

I have a 22 month old son, I dare someone to try and keep him out of the dirt!!! lol!!!