Thursday, September 11, 2008

Things I wanna do, but I know better not to

DAMN, why do I have to be the grown up, the one who thinks and then acts? The one who smooths things over?

1. Now, right now... I want to go to Carl's Jr. and get myself a Vanilla Malt, LARGE. Or a green tea smoothie. I will not share.

2. Pretend to be sick, so I can leave work go get that Malt and just sit on my butt and watch General Hospital. I want to watch Nikolas and pretend to waltz with him too.

3. Tell my mom that she needs to appreciate my sister and all she does for her... no matter how bossy my sister is. Deal with her bossiness, or be homeless. Which choice???

4. Tell a friend to stop being so touchy and start looking within and not outward. Its not always the other person who is at fault. It couldn't be, the law of averages says so. So there! LOL

5. Adopt a new kitten. Adopt a homeless kitty... I want a new kitty. I have three I can barely handle. But yet...I want one.

6. Have a baby girl. My husband wants one. I do not want three children... but when I think of a little girl who looks like this
not this : Photobucket LOL It makes me wanna go for it. But being almost 41, I think my mommyhood chances are slipping away, and for good reason.

7. I want to change my blog design my friend SUSAN made me a design, but I don't know how to apply it.. but I want to try. I know I will mess it up. Why am I so inept?

8. I want to tell people off who bash my choice on political candidates. I don't call McCain and Palin names (even though I want to sometimes) so please dont call Obama and Biden names...especially when you have not done your research. Enough said. I wont if you wont.

9. Shut that frickin loud a$$ booming music off. It sounds stupid, you look like an idiot (JMHO) with your window open in 100 degree weather so we can hear your lamentable choice in music, if you can call it that.

10. Sit on my big booty and surf the net while at work...enter blog contests, ignore my work and write blog posts... OH, wait. I am doing that. At least I get some satisfaction.


Kristin said...

Hey your choice is your choice. Some people believe in HOPE AND CHANGE others don't. I know the person I'm voting for makes me cry, even from 2,000 miles away., His words are so powerful they can move a nation. So piss off it's your choice, screw the people who don't believe in it.

Oh and Palin is nuts anyone who attends a church that speaks in tonges is crazy. I'm sorry but beieving in hummmdiddlydummmdummm isn't the right choice. Plus her bullshizzle about more oil drilling. Come on what happens to the polar bears in Alaska? Oh yes I forget they get pregnant at 16 and have normal babies that can live without the snow. I think NOT!

Karyn with a Y said...

Mimi- you always make me laugh. I love the pics of you, BOTH! I miss you..

Susan said...

I have a long list like that too. I just figure them out one at at time, one day at a time.

Andrea said...

This was a good list Mimi! Funny and interesting. Hope you get that malt, maybe a small? That would be resonable. Right?

Anonymous said...

ssshhhhh, I'm for Obama, too! but I married into an insanely republican family and it's torture when the subject comes up.

and no commenters are annoying in my opinion :) thx for reading!

Anonymous said...

Hee Hee. I always love your posts Mimi. Work can really get in the way of blogging huh.

Agata said...

Amen Mimi :) And I think you were cute as a baby AND you are cute now. I think you should have a little girl - you're still young!