Saturday, September 13, 2008

Winner of my giveaways!

I used and although I can print the screen and save it, I don't know how to change the format to make it into something I can post here. UGH

Winner of onsie is Bridgette comment # 5
This is B's blog thenotsoblogblog
Congrats B!

Winner of the LOVE necklace is Leah, comment # 18
Leah is here Diaries of a domestic goddess
Congrats Leah!

I will be passing your e-mails along to the sponsors after I get your e-mail info!

Thank you ALL for participating.


Leah said...

woo hoo I am so excited!

As for the print screen thing, I usually upload it to and post it that way I think.

Bridgette said...

YAY!!! Thank you! I'm so excited!! My email is and I would need the 9 month size, please.