Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Politics make strange bedfellows

Catchy title, yes?

First of all, I have many, many, many Republican and conservative Christian friends, like Toni and Wendi, I do not wish to offend them, and I hope this does not. This is not meant to, by any means. We share a love too deep for mere politics to kill. Only an Avada Kedavra could accomplish that feat.

I usually do not get involved in political discussions, no one is really always right, or always wrong. But I think we need to take a step back and stop believing every little blurb, or pseudo fact that comes out of our favorite left/right wing sites.

Read this about BAIPA this explains why Obama votes as he did, read the whole thing I suggest. This claim by Republicans that Obama supports "Leaving babies to die" shows another side to the story, yet another example of selective truth.

I am a staunch Democrat, I have voted a few times Republican, but I usually find after I have done my research that I agree more with what the Dems have to say, what they plan to do. But I always try to do my research, it is an informed voter that makes a good voter...not one who only votes for a certain party.

I keep seeing blogs supporting outlandish or carefully chosen partial facts (meaning that some of the information is deliberately kept back to make a statement and make an impact without telling the whole truth) and making accusations without backing those up with even one fact. I see politicians and whole parties being accused of (this was about Dems, and I know there are many regarding Republicans) things like "Perpetuating evil" and having no morals or values. Yes, I am a Dem and OH MY!!! I am an Agnostic person, but even us Dems and Atheist/Agnostic people have morals and values (:

What I find myself feeling and thinking is that the people who say these things want to believe the worst of the other party, they want to feel vindicated so they trump this unsubstantiated and un-researched information out as the Gospel truth, when in fact most of it is just a biased opinion wrapped up in a kernel of truth. It makes me disregard what they have to say as nonsense... after all, why not show me facts, not hearsay, for I can trot the same stuff out for you and you would not believe me either for those very same reasons.

Why I disagree with McCain as President and Palin as VP are my reasons, perhaps the reasons of many in my political party (Anti-abortion, Hunting, Endangered Species, Global Warming, ect...) these may be the same reasons that the other party will vote for that ticket. Yes, I do feel I am in the right, and yes, you who think differently, will feel the same. That is a normal and natural feeling and reaction.

Please, all I ask is that we all respect each other, and each others choices and feelings. We are all human beings who want what we think is best for us, our children and our world, let that be the one thing we can all agree on and rejoice in, only time will show us who was right or wrong. For politicians will come and go. Friends, family, respect for others, and making compromises as needed are what will help keep this country strong and proud and free.


MeadowLark said...

Well said.

It's so difficult to even have a discussion about it these days because eventually someone starts screaming about "what kind of idiot..." or "Nobody decent would..." or "EVERYBODY knows...". Sigh. That noise simply gets in the way of actually trying to have a conversation and learn.

Keb-o-Mania said...

That is so true Mimi - Politicians have, do, and will come and go.