Friday, March 20, 2009

Finish the Sentence

Finish the sentence...found this on facebook!
Feel free to steal and do your own!

1. I've come to realize that my last kiss...was given to me by two sloppy kissers... my sons!
2. I am listening to... my co-workers... LOL, naughty me!
3. I talk....often quite a bit, others times not so much!
4. My love......for my family is boundless.
5. My best friend......are my HP girls, Dani and my sister!
6. My first real something I don't care to discuss! LOL
7. Love is......amazing and takes so many shapes and encompasses so many different elements and people. My husband, my family, my In-Laws, my animals, my friends. I love them all in so many different ways. I am truly lucky.
8. Marriage is...... a comfort. Its nice to know the person you love will be there for you, always.
9. Somewhere, someone is thinking....I wish she would just shut up!
10. I'll always be grateful Noni. I wish we would have had more time.
11. The last time I really cried was....a few weeks ago. I was overwhelmed.
12. My cell always waiting for Toni to call!
13. When I wake up in the morning...I rush to make coffee, and check my e-mail and Facebook! Mafia wars!!!!!!!!
14. Before I go to bed.....I go pee again, always.
15. Right now I am thinking my son finally pooped on the potty. Hope I didn't gross ya out! LOL
16. Babies are....tougher than they look, irresistible and a lot of work!
17. I get on Myspace....Rarely. I am a Facebook girl
18. Today working. Sorta!
19. Tomorrow I will be.....doing chores, and enjoying the perfect California weather.
20. I really want to be....home alone with my book.


Seeker said...

I like your, friends and a good book....Life Is Good!! Darn those chores though, they get in the way

Anonymous said...

This is all so wonderful and the pictures are fantastic. I desperately wanted to be on that boat with you. Oh, your wedding pic, gorgeous and that dress..sensational. :)

Saundra@ItalianMamaGoneCrazy said...

What a great outlook!

I liked this a lot.

Have a great weekend!

~Chel~ said...

Tag Mimi! Your it! Check out my blog for details!

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Erin.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

You finished those sentences perfectly! Your wedding dress is absolutely beautiful. What great photos :)

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

(#11 The last time I really cried was....a few weeks ago. I was overwhelmed.) Aren't you a lucky girl! I think I can find something to cry about every couple of day!

sheila said...

Nice post! Lovely wedding photo! Very pretty!

The Wife O Riley said...

Gorgeous pictures, great answers.

I might have to steal this, you getting full credit of course.

Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

You finished those sentences to perfection, Mimi! ;) LOVED all the pictures - you are STUNNING in that gorgeous wedding dress! :) Always nice to learn more snippets about you... ;)

Susan said...

All those pics were wonderful.

Kathy B! said...

How did I miss all of your posts?!

This is great I love all the photos. Your wedding dress is fabulous. I'd love to get married to DH all over again just so I could pick out all those fun details again!