Friday, December 12, 2008

Can men and women be platonic friends?

Recently that was the question on a forum I am a member of. Most people said no. I said yes (I like to be contrary...LOL) I said yes because my husband is friends still with a girl he grew up with. Actually we are now friends more than they are (kids bring you together) but I still would not have one, tiny worry in my head if they decided to say, go to lunch...or go to the park with the kids or something.

Is it simply that I have an exceptional hubby? Or do you think I am way off base and wrong?

Are you friends with the opposite sex? Is your Significant other? Do you think platonic friendship between a man and a woman is possible?

I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on this.


Darcie said...

My husband says no. I say yes. He's convinced that no matter how platonic the friendship seems to me, the guy is always scheming a way to sleep with me. And this apparently applies to all men who are "friends" with women.

I think he's full of it, but who knows?

Simply AnonyMom said...

I think yes, hubby thinks no. He says no but has female friends from way way back.

He says sex always coems up and you either become physical or you attempt and no sparks so you stay friends, but have now a "history" with that person because of kissing and hugging or more.

I say you can because I know I have had male friends without getting physical. Maybe I was not aware that they wanted more or were hoping for more. If there was no "spark" but the person was cool to be around I hung out.

I see both sides and think that it is totally dependant on too many factors to put out a generalization.

Saundra@An Italian Mama Gone Crazy said...

I say no... my hubby says no.

I read your title and No came poppin into my head.

Too many affairs start that way...
One fight with the spouse... and shoulder to cry on.. she or he treats the sad on better than spouse... and whoops!! They're in bed... can't take that one back!

Jenera said...

I think it's possible but not likely. My husband feels the same way. It really depends on the individual, the extent of the friendship, and etc. While I wouldn't have a problem with the hubby having a female friend, I'd draw the line if it was an ex girlfriend or something like that.

Kristina P. said...

I say yes. I have very close male friends from before I met my husband. I'm married, they're married, and we really are platonic.

sheila said...

Well, my husband would probably have a hard time with me being friends with a guy. And honestly I would hope that if he had a girl-friend that she'd be homely. lol

but I think it can be done. Especially if the wife is also friendly with the woman. If not, then no.

kel said...

I think so... although.. I wouldn't feel that way if it was my husband hanging out with another woman.

Toni said...

Yes I think they can. I have a best friend of 15 years that I am best friends with and that best friend is a he. Now however I do think it would be weird if I had went out and made and hung out with guys that I met after I married my husband, I am friends with the gentlemen I work with but we don't ever hang out or talk outside of work unless it is a work get together. So if the friendship was befor the marriage I think it is fine but to make opposite sex friendships after being married and hang out that is a bit weird. Did that make any sense LOL