Monday, December 1, 2008

We put our ghetto tree up this weekend!



We bought a small fake tree for putting up on a fold away table! I think until the kiddos get bigger and stop trying to grab all the ornaments we shall do a small one... I wish I were not so obsessive about my ornaments tho. I am an obsessive Pam Schifferl collector.... I have at least 15 ornaments from her retired line. If anyone has any extra, send them to me! HAHAHAHA

It is very cool to have young children during this time of the year. The wonder and excitement in my boys eyes is so contagious. Makes me want to be a little girl again. Playing with toys like this:

I loved Clue, but I always lost


Mousetrap! I know they still make it, but its so old school!


The Bionic Woman game... original. I loved her!


Tinker toys... they came in hard cardboard containers...they had a smell I remember well but is indescribable but very memorable.


Anyone remember Spirograph? I loved this... you could make this bu putting your pen inside a disc thing... it is super hard to describe.


My sister and I both had Ballerina Barbie... her crown was attatched to her head...LOL




I freaked myself out too many times with this... anyone else have crazy stories???

So that was my little foray down memory lane and my youth! I hope you enjoyed!


H.E.Eigler said...

We always play games at Christmas-time too. Our big one is Yahtzee! Fun stuff :D (love the tree) :)

Anonymous said...

I was just at the toy store and they now have the original tinker toys made for girls, all pastel-ly and pinky. Weird.

R.L.Scovens said...

I had a Spirograph!! I had forgotten all about that thing!LOL

Jess said...

I remember mouse trap!! LOL I've played with a Ougi(sp) board. NOT FUN.

Kristina P. said...

Love the ghetto tree! And I never did the ouija board. I always thought I would go to hell.

Saundra@An Italian Mama Gone Crazy said...

I loved Perfection and Trouble!

Remember Troubles hard plastic dome that make that great ker-dink

What a great trip down memory lane!

I just bought Pictureka for Thanksgiving night game.

It is great fun!

Kathy B! said...

You and I were playing with the same toys! Do you still have them, or did you scour the internet for pictures? My parents saved a TON of old Fischer-Price toys from my youth, but not so many of these. Maybe it's 'cuz we were a little rough with 'em :(

Brandi said...

I LOVED my Mouse Trap game. Love the "ghetto" tree. :o)

Lana said...

I bought mouse trap for my son a year ago. It lasted 2 weeks. Pieces lost, broken, used for other "concoctions". Sigh. I don't own a single board game, and have a feeling I won't for quite a while!!
Your tree is cute!

Minxy Mimi said...

I do not have any of these toys left...makes me sad!
and I dont think I would buy mousetrap for my boys... my sister and I did manage to keep the pieces intact~

Susan said...

That is a cute tree, not ghetto. I loved my Spirograph and tinker toys. Tells what generation we are from lol.

I have an award for you on my blog!!

Shelley said...

We did a small tree that we put up high when my son was just over a year. He's 3 now so we put up a big tree. So far so good! All of those games and toys bring back memories from my childhood. We were all about the Barbies at our house!

sheila said...

I remember all those! Such fun! How about Parcheesi? (sp?) or Trouble! OH! and the Ouji Board. Yikes, I never new how dangerous that thing was (I used to use it all the time as a teen) until my own daughter started opening a door somewhere. Holy crap. No more!

Toni said...

I loved the spirograph and Clue and mousetrap and barbie! ouija yikes! Scary to me!

Anonymous said...

I have very fond memories of playing family games as a kid and remember all of those that you have listed.

Oh and your site prompted me for a password and I couldn't get in from Google Reader. Maybe something to look into.

Minxy Mimi said...

I saw the password thingy... I wonder whats up?

Deborah at Coco Bonbons said...

I loved the spirograph toy!!! I almost forgot about that! Love the tree...

Anonymous said...

From one ghetto tree advocate to another - Many Happy Christmas Wishes! :)