Thursday, November 13, 2008

MamaKat's writers workshop... Why I would like to live in the Regency Era!

MamaKat's Writers Workshop today is:
1.) Write a haiku about what you see out the window. 2.) Begin with "I thought I saw..." 3.) If I could live in any era of history, what would it be -- list 10 reasons why. 4.) Write a light hearted piece on how to get along with an enemy. 5.) The first time you...

I am going to write about why I would like to live in the Regency era of England... and a few reasons why I wouldn't too!

1. I would like to live in Regency England (but I have to specify, I want to be well-to-do no peasants please) I want to wear lovely frocks
Jane Eyre Dress Pictures, Images and Photos

and go to numerous parties until 3 am... flirting, eating, dancing and having a grand time!

2. I would like to be doing all of the above in the company of men dressed like this:
Pride and prejuice Pictures, Images and Photos

Who will kiss my hand, try to steal a kiss and it will be all so deliciously romantic!

3. I would love to live a life of leisure, riding horses, reading, enjoying the English countryside. Or maybe go to Bath and take the waters


4.I want to see historic places...when they were newer!
The Tower of London

5. I want to have an awesome English accent and be able to hear those accents on my hott men friends... LOL What could be sweeter to my ears?
Listen to this (ignore the Chinese characters...LOL)
Sonnet 130

6. I want to be able to experience life in a different way...without all the outside influences we have TV, no radio, no lights... I want to look up and see the stars without "light pollution"

7. I want to have a garden... and English garden. I love flowers... I want to be able to stroll in my garden with # 2 from above.
english garden Pictures, Images and Photos

8. I want to be a flirt... I want to flirt outrageously, bat my eyelashes, giggle at a man's joke and dance a Waltz with him, without being expected to hop into bed with him (even if I wanted to)

9. I really want a butler, a maid and someone to do my hair for me. I don't like to clean, answer my own door or have the time and patience to do my own hair... I deserve it!

10. I want to for once be a part of an elite group, I want to be a royal, I want to have a cool title (Lady Michelle sounds nice) anything! Just for once it would be nice to be someone that has the world at their feet.

OK, now for a short list of things I do not like from the era: The Poverty and sadness of the peasants, the cruelty, the lack of modern medicine, people died frequently while giving birth.
and #1... above mentioned #2 and the tendency to take YEARLY baths. EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW


Simply AnonyMom said...

Great list! I had not thought of that time frame but you brought up great points!

Denise said...

Oh my! All that just sounds SO lovely! :) Well - not the bad stuff - but all the good stuff! That really is a wonderful time isn't it! :)

I am starting a new Thanful Thursday - hopefully you will join in! :)

AJ said...

That sounds so nice!
Would you like me to call you Lady Michelle from now on :P

Saundra@An Italian Mama Gone Crazy said...

Mmmm.. sounds so Pride and Prejudice... and delightful!

Minxy Mimi said...

Thanks Denise, I will check that out!
and yes...Lady Michelle sounds lovely!

Heather said...

LOL, Mimi. You're a trip! HeatherL

Heather (How to be a Woman..?) said...

You are very clever! I love Pride & Prejudice too. Historical fiction as well (from what I remember since I haven't read since having my kids lol).

Funny you should mention yearly baths. I can never get past that myself. Every time people were making out in an old timey book I kept thinking of how long their body hair must be. And the musk! Oh, the musk!

mrsbear said...

I'll keep my internet and routine baths. Although I do fancy a Brittish accent. ;-)

Kim said...

I like you already, just for using the phrase "lovely frocks"! Thanks for the link to another Alaskan mom's blog--I will be sure to check it out!

marina said...

yes i can definitely see it. it was sooo much more innocent then. what is happening now:)
Have a great weekend, I gave you a shout out on our blog!
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